Introduction to Smart Glass Technology in Office Spaces


Smart glass, a groundbreaking technological innovation, is rapidly transforming the landscape of modern office spaces. This article delves into the world of smart glass, exploring its composition, types, and multifaceted benefits for contemporary work environments. By incorporating smart glass, offices not only embrace a futuristic aesthetic but also reap advantages in terms of energy efficiency, privacy, and environmental impact.

Smart glass, often referred to as switchable glass, offers a dynamic solution for space optimization and privacy in office settings. Its ability to transition from transparent to opaque with the flick of a switch provides a versatile and innovative approach to office design. This technology has evolved from being a novel concept to a practical, integral part of modern office infrastructure, signaling a significant shift in how office spaces are designed and utilised.

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Priviglaze is a UK leading brand of Switchable Glass & Switchable Film


Let Priviglaze transform your office partitioning between frosted and clear modes. Enable privacy on-demand at the touch of a button. Our switchable glass is made in the UK. It is laminated and toughened, offering safety and security that conform to British Kitemark Standards. Our retrofit option means smart film can be applied to existing glass partitions. Both solutions will significantly improve and enhance the efficiency of your business by making collaborative workspaces unique, productive and aesthetically pleasing.


Transform the ambience of your office. With this in mind opaque switching glass will reduce sunlight glare whilst allowing for natural daylight. Laminated glass also benefits from acoustic reduction. Subsequently this contributes towards a more efficient workspace environment. It is our mission to offer this as an affordable technology while giving your business space the WOW factor.

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Smart Glass Projection


Priviglaze Smart Glass or Smart Film has an added benefit which makes digital advertising convenient and affordable. Through HD rear projection, smart glass functions as a digital projection screen. Project on to glass for all those important keynote presentations. Use rear projection to wow your shoppers with a storefront digital advertising display. Turn and window into a digital screen. Furthermore, where glass is already in place, retrofit switchable film is an excellent alternative. 


  1. How does smart glass contribute to energy efficiency in office buildings?Smart glass plays a significant role in energy conservation by controlling the amount of heat and light entering the office space. This reduces the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning, leading to significant energy savings.
  1. Can smart glass be retrofitted into existing office buildings?Yes, smart glass can be retrofitted into existing glass. The process involves apply the retrofit smart film to the current glass panels. Smart film is often a straightforward installation.
  2. Is smart glass durable and easy to maintain?Smart glass is designed to be as durable as traditional glass and requires similar maintenance, which typically includes regular cleaning and occasional technical checks.
  1. What is the average cost of installing smart glass in an office?The expense of installing smart glass fluctuates based on the specific type of glass, the scale of the installation, and any supplementary features. Typically, the cost surpasses that of conventional glass, yet this is balanced by the potential for long-term energy savings. On average, for an office comprising five panels of glass, you could expect to invest approximately £7,500.
  1. Can the opacity of smart glass be controlled?Yes, the opacity of smart glass can be controlled, allowing for complete customization of privacy and lighting levels. This is typically done through a remote control or integrated building management system.
  1. How does smart glass impact the overall design and aesthetics of an office?Smart glass enhances the design and aesthetics of an office by offering a sleek, modern look. It provides flexibility in design, allowing for open spaces that can be converted into private areas as needed.

Single Glazed Partition

Priviglaze systems include a range of acoustic and aesthetically pleasing designs that are available in framed or frameless options. As a result this gives the workplace an elegant and classy look. 

Choose between smart switchable glass and clear glass. We offer a variety of thicknesses starting from 10mm. Quality single glazed walls can be obtained at an affordable price. If you want to keep your office simple but also eye-catching then single glazed partitions are the ideal choice.

Double Glazed Partitions

Priviglaze offers double glazed office partition solutions with beautifully designed smart glass systems. Update your work area with soundproof glass and provide privacy on-demand at the touch of a button.

We offer an extensive variety of double glazed partitions with varying thickness and glass material.

Double glazed partitioning has a stylish appeal, strong sound resistance, and are easily installed. Similarly, they are available in both aluminium and real wood.


Frameless Glass Wall

Create rooms within rooms and make your workspace more seamless, clear and spacious with our elegantly designed frameless office partition solutions. Frameless partitions are installed without any vertical posts between panels. Importantly, they are designed to fit into specified framework such as this office pod seen here. 

Office pods are increasingly popular in contemporary office workspaces. This is due to the absence of obstructive frames and posts in big open plan warehouses.

Frameless Bi-fold Glass Doors

When space is at a premium, our slimline frameless internal bifold doors are just the thing. Simply slide the doors to one side to open up a whole new aspect. Easily turn a private meeting room into a larger open space. Create flexible office layouts and allow for agile environments. No visible threshold improves the access for you, your team and your visitors.  Find Out More



Priviglaze-frameless-bifold-doors-Office_Restaurnt copyPriviglaze-frameless-bifold-doors-Office_Restaurnt copy

Curved Partitions

Curved smart glass partitions exude beauty and elegance. These office partition solutions are aesthetically pleasing. This curved partition will complement the surroundings of any modern architecture. In summary, they feature a series of hardened glass panels, suspended along aluminium ceiling track.

The curved glass walls allow for greater light penetration and increased thermal induction. As a result, this keeps the room warm and bright.



Timber Frame Office Solutions

Tactile woodwork in timber frame partitions suit both classic and modern interiors. Secondly, our timber framed systems are easy to demount and relocate. Custom-made veneers and well-engineered solid wood increase the system’s durability. Importantly, different styles of timber-framed glass partitions can be configured to suit your needs.

Timber Frame Office PartitionOffice Partition Solution

Workspace Dividers | New Office Solutions

Priviglaze offers a range of workspace dividers to maximise productivity within the workplace. These allow staff members to work within a team, but gives privacy when they need to work independently.

Workspace dividers can include Priviglaze smart glass options, for added privacy, or conventional clear glass screens. Glass workspace dividers help maintain personal space amongst colleague. Priviglaze smart film can be applied to any standard acrylic or glass divider.

The desktop screens are designed to fit onto your existing work desks with minimal assembly. The floor supported dividers are designed to fit as standalone sections for additional cover. All our glass screens and partitions conform to British Safety Glass Standard.

Fixtures and Fittings

For your total peace of mind, Priviglaze also provides a complete service solution to any project. This includes the fixtures and fittings such as track work for partitioning, door handles, hinges and all the trims needed for smart glass installation. We work with the best suppliers in our trade to ensure the highest quality for these accessories to complement and work beautifully with our Priviglaze product range.


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