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Priviglaze Smart Glass Creates Dynamic Spaces for your Grand Designs.


Priviglaze residential solutions, in particular our smart glass range, is popular for partitioning areas, giving you the flexibility a concrete wall won’t. Likewise, turn your smart windows or switchable glass partitions opaque at the touch of a button to section your living space. Have the best view of your garden’s sunrise and sunset everyday, whatever the weather; while still enjoying privacy on-demand.

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Roof Lights

Brighten up your living spaces with natural light with beautifully designed roof lights. We offer smart glass installation on any exquisite selection of rooflights, including fixed, sliding, hinged, smoke vent, pyramid and bespoke rooflights available in different coloured frames. If you want to maximise the space of your room, our hinged roof lights are the ideal option. Smart glass roof windows are designed to resist moisture and offer high thermal performance.

Along with privacy on-demand, heat-control and self-cleaning glass, we also provide glazing options. Our assembled roof lights not only complement the outer façade but brightens the interior.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are the most practical solution to extend your workplace or living area. Besides providing an inlet, you gain the unobstructed view of external surroundings. Natural light that floods the area through bifold doors make an impact on our psyche. We work with various sizes and configurations of bifold doors designed to suit your interior aesthetic and comfort needs.

For those who have privacy concerns can also get their glass doors double glazed. This provides insulation and is energy saving. Our robust retractable door panels open smoothly and effortlessly without causing any hindrance or harm to children.

*Image here features standard glass in the front three panels and smart glass in the far right side panel.

Glazed living space to gardenGlazed porch_residential

Frameless Bi-fold Glass Doors

Turn your property into a grand design project with Priviglaze frameless bi-fold doors. Our new product gives even better views with no visible vertical mullion and is perfect for exterior patio doors and conservatories.
Our all-year frameless bi-fold doors make the most of the winter days brightening your home during these shorter days. Reliable locking, sophisticated seals and full weather protection keep your home warm and dry. >>> Find Out More

Bifold Smart Glass Doors

Bifold doors have grown in popularity in recent years for home extensions and renovations due to the flexibility they provide. They help open up space between home and garden to create a seamless transition between the two. Priviglaze offers switchable smart glass for bifold door frames. This means you can enjoy privacy when you need it and lovely garden views when you don’t. Protect your privacy at the touch of a button to turn the glass doors frosted!
Frosted Glass Bifold DoorsBifold Glass Doors
Smart Glass WallPriviglaze Partition

Interior Smart Glass Partition

Have an open plan space but wish to partition a home office or separate living area? Smart glass is popular as an interior wall partition to give you the option for privacy when needed. In its frosted mode, it allows for much natural daylight to filter through. Hence it makes a great improvement to a room’s ambience compared to solid wall partitions. We understand that each smart glass project is unique. In short, we work with our clients closely for the best outcome in residential solutions.

Smart Windows

One of our more popular choices for privacy in the bathroom is the sealed unit or double glazed. Protect your privacy in an instance; easily done with a remote control button to turn your smart glass frosted. Better yet, holler at Amazon’s Alexa or your voice control app for this function. This also means you have the option to enjoy unobstructed beautiful views while soaking in your tub! This application can be installed for other external areas in the home too. Get in touch with our team for any bespoke sizes to suit your needs.

*Please be advised that retrofit smart film is not suitable for bathrooms.

Sealed Unit frostedSmart glass sealed unit

Smart Home Control

Priviglaze’s LT Smart® Control system is tailored to meet your needs with remote control function, mobile app control, voice control or home automation sensors. Smart glass runs off a low voltage power supply. We supply a power control unit with a remote control as standard as well as run off a standard light switch. It can also be integrated into home automation systems such as LT Smart®, Crestron, Lutron and Control4.

Our Smart Home control system is perfect for your residential or commercial applications. It delivers real-time analysis by deploying physical sensors. The control system monitors your work space utilities such as air quality, movement, humidity and occupancy. Adjust your lights, music, temperature and power functions easily with our single-touch system.

Giving Residential Properties the Wow Factor

When the smart glass is turned on clear, you get the option to enjoy the view of your treasures whenever you want. Low E glass used in Priviglaze residential solutions will protect your possessions from deterioration from the sun. Smart glass blocks out 99% of UV rays!