Switchable Privacy Glass on Shop Front
Switchable Privacy Glass
7 May 2020
London Showroom
2 June 2020

What are Smart Glass and Smart Film?

Finastra Office Space with Curved Glass Smart Film

What is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is simply a laminated glass that switches between frosted to clear, offering privacy on-demand. Smart glass runs off a low voltage power supply. When the power is off, the smart glass is frosted or opaque. When turned on, smart glass goes clear.

Improve and enhance the efficiency of your business by transforming the ambience of your office and WOW your clients and visitors with our ‘magical’ glass. There are many benefits to switchable glass. These include enhanced acoustic reduction, using the glass as a whiteboard, and also as a digital screen (rear projection); saving vital office workspace. What’s more? … Turn any outward facing window into a digital projection screen. See how it looks!

Priviglaze is a leading brand of Switchable Smart Glass. Smart Glass is a truly innovative product and our mission is to offer this affordable technology to everyone, not just to the rich and famous! Suitable applications include, but certainly not limited to: 

Office Meeting Rooms, Break Out Zones, Training Rooms and Boardrooms seen here.


What is Smart Film?

Smart Film is also known as Switchable Film. Smart film allows for light transmission controlled by electrical current, to switch the product from clear to frosted/ opaque. This material is used in the manufacturing process of laminated smart glass. We always recommend smart glass installation. However, when a project does not permit for Smart Glass installation, Retrofit Smart Film can be a viable solution to achieve privacy on-demand.

We also supply the latest generation of smart film products that can be applied or retrofit onto existing glass panels. Seen in the images above, Priviglaze smart film was applied onto existing curved glass panels. The result was a beautiful and seamless finish, complementing the client’s branding graphics. Most customers agree that the visual effect between smart glass and smart film are the same. If you are unsure which product is the right one for your project, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to advise you on the best bespoke solution.

Why choose us? … 1000’s of metres already installed. 100’s of satisfied customers. 

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