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Priviglaze Retrofit Film
Finastra Office Room Interior
Finastra Office Room

Client: Finastra; Location:  Paddington, London, UK; Product: Priviglaze film
Priviglaze Film Square feet: 
100m²; Date of Completion: 08/2019

Priviglaze Client

Finastra is the third largest Fintech company in the world. They build and deploy innovative, next-generation technology on their open Fusion software architecture and cloud ecosystem.

Priviglaze was approached by a third party on behalf of Finastra to provide privacy on-demand to their new and existing offices. The objective was to improve the environment so their staff members and visiting guests can thrive in them. Secondly, they had external glass walls that oversee the nearby busy road in Paddington, along with branded glass walls across the building.

Orion Room Frosted Glass
Orion Room Clear Glass

Why was Priviglaze selected? 

Priviglaze is a trusted supplier of consistent smart film material. Likewise, we always offer the best results in an efficient and timely manner which makes us a preferred partner/contractor. Importantly, Priviglaze solutions increased natural daylight across the rooms with privacy on-demand, thus creating a pleasant and stimulating environment.


The Challenge and the Solution

The best solution reached for the client was to retrofit smart film onto their existing glass walls. Subsequently, our technicians covered a span of several meeting rooms, side offices and external glass walls across the floors.

In fact, Priviglaze film was applied clear onto existing Finastra branded glass. The meeting rooms and side office had elegantly branded glass partitions that were easily covered with Priviglaze film. Finastra’s visual brand remained as visible as before. Most notable is the film application on a curved glass partition. This method leaves no air-bubbles whatsoever and looks as great as regular or straight glass.

Finastra Meeting Room
Finastra Meeting Room

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