Finastra Office Space with Curved Glass Smart Film
What are Smart Glass and Smart Film?
11 May 2020
Priviglaze Retrofit Film
9 June 2020

London Showroom

London Office Interior Design Showroom

Office Interior Smart Glass Showroom

On May 21st, 2020, our team of three started bright and early over at this client’s new headquarters in Farringdon. The beautiful glass panels chosen for this installation are of a 12mm low iron switchable toughened glass. This complemented the London office interior showroom perfectly, which boasts of modern clean lines.

Ease of Installation

Firstly, this office building site was under construction when our crew arrived. There were other tradesmen working on the ceilings and partition. Our resident engineer donned his face mask  whilst there and was careful to maintain social distancing during the smart glass installation.

Subsequently, our technician returned on a second visit to install a beautiful smart glass door to finish off this beautiful showroom project. We especially enjoyed the orange seating area with fun decorative items for visiting guests. Take a look at the completed project by hovering over the images below.

If you’d like to see our Priviglaze switchable smart glass in person on this site, let us know below and we’d love to arrange a suitable time with you.

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