Priviglaze Frameless Bi-fold Doors

Coffee shop with frameless bifold doors and smart glass installed.
Coffee shop with frameless bifold doors and smart glass installed.

Hotels and Resorts

Bring your hospitality to the next level by adding Priviglaze frameless bi-fold solution, making the space bigger and airier. It will give more distinguished look that complements your building and makes your premises more attractive to your customers. The key benefits are maximising light, improving energy efficiency, opening up dark spaces and that new fresh, invigorating atmosphere.

Our solution is bespoke and will complement any space in your setting from patio/garden opening to your restaurant. It can make the entrance very inviting while offering much better ventilation to your reception room. This can only add to the appeal of a hotel along with providing great security when locked.

When installed on external room walls facing garden/pool area, it gives your guests the impression of a seamless transition and a space that truly flows complemented by an amazing sense of freedom.

Adding Priviglaze switchable smart glass allows for Privacy On-Demand with a flick of a switch.

Coffee shops and Restaurants

Create a private dining area when required and utilise versatile space any time of the year. Adding Priviglaze flameless bi-folds to your commercial space makes it lighter and more spacious without the bulk of aluminium, timber or PVCU frames.

Open in the summer, it helps you utilise the outside space better and give that feeling of continuing your shop or restaurant outside the wall boundaries. Closed in the winter it is more attractive than the usual shopfront systems and gives that minimalistic elegant look and allow all the light in.

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Showrooms and Shop Fronts

For standout shop fronts, showrooms and exhibitions, our frameless bi-fold doors show off your products while protecting your premises thanks to safety glass, secure locks on doors. It offers all the convenience required from a busy commercial space and allow for easy movement of vehicles, furniture and big objects in and out. Create a better space with our innovative solution, it is visually appealing, welcoming and with the convenience features busy environments demand. It creates a welcome barrier-free entrance to your commercial space and work perfectly in both external and internal environments. Adding Priviglaze switchable smart glass can help with providing Privacy On-Demand, ‘WOW’ effect on your customers and light transmission for a brighter space.

Care Homes

Priviglaze Frameless Bi-folds can help keeping a Care Home bright, warm and loving setting by removing the barrier between the inside and out. Our frameless solution offers the safety and security of regular bi-fold doors in a minimalist all glass design.

They are also ideal for wheelchair access with the sunken floor runners or pins.

When space is at a premium, our slimline frameless internal bifold doors are just the thing, simply slide the doors to one side to open up a whole new aspect, turn a private meeting room into a larger open space and create flexible office layouts and allow for agile environment. No visible threshold improves the access for you, your team and your visitors.

The all-glass design with minimal visible fixings of our Frameless Bi-folds is perfect for any style office building and add our switchable glass for extra privacy.

Our solutions are fully bespoke, excellent build quality can easily fit into your existing opening. Locks and hinges are meticulously fitted to the toughened or laminated safety glass, we even offer a beautiful selection of handles to personalise your installation.

Some use cases:

  • On-Demand meeting rooms
  • Flexi space areas
  • Convert a big boardroom into 2 medium size meeting rooms
  • Separate departments in their busiest time then open the space again
  • Open space to the office balcony when weather is nice and sunny
  • Exhibition events – small internal buildings

Residential Solutions

Turn your property into a grand design project with Priviglaze frameless bi-fold doors. Our new product gives even better views with no visible vertical mullion and is perfect for exterior patio doors and conservatories.

Create a statement with our frameless bifold doors. It has the needed minimalist look that allows any feature to remain visibly uninterrupted. Our frameless solution is unlike any other bi-fold door on the market. This can be your perfect new patio door, creating a fully open extension in the summer and a beautiful, insulated glass wall in the winter.

Our all-year frameless bi-fold doors make the most of the winter days brightening your home during these shorter days. Reliable locking, sophisticated seals and full weather protection keep your home warm and dry.

Some use cases:

  • Internal room partitioning living to dining room / dining to kitchen / bedroom to bathroom / bedroom to walk-in-wardrobe
  • External bi-fold doors leading to garden, patio, balcony
  • Internal bi-fold doors leading to conservatory

The benefits of installing internal frameless bi-fold doors

  • Edge-to-edge glass giving modern and sleek look, no chunky frames
  • Toughened single glazed glass
  • Allows higher levels of daylight into each area
  • Simply creates more space
  • Smooth opening and closing
  • Choice of glass or stainless-steel handles
  • Compatible with switchable glass
  • Two options for floor runners, sunken track or simple sunken floor catches
  • Manual / Automated (optional)

Technical data:

  • The hinged folding glass door system
  • Glass thickness 10mm-12mm
  • Max panel width 850mm
  • Max panel height 3200mm
  • Panel weight 85-90kgs

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