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7 May 2020

Orangebox and Ford


Orangebox Air 3 Pod with Switchable Smart Glass at Ford

Following our successful installation at Orangebox Clerkenwell showroom, we had been instructed and referred onto several similar installations. This particular project was to install Priviglaze switchable film into the flagship Air 29 top of the range office Pod, at Ford Basildon. From start to finish, the entire Orangebox Air 3 Pod installation was seamless. Above all, the time scale it took from quote to installation was completed in a matter of a few weeks. Office pods such as these are ideal for open plan warehouses. Most importantly, we offer retrofit smart film solutions onto these glass panels which provide the users privacy on-demand.

On the installation date, the team arrived early in the morning and got straight to work. Firstly, there was a slight change in the Pod position, which meant a delay to the day’s progress. However, the team still completed the project on time!

Our install team worked hard to carefully apply retrofit smart film. This is a process that should only be carried out by trained smart glass specialists. Subsequently, they will connect the electrical components . This is followed through with a testing procedure in the switching function. Finally, the project will be signed off by a site project manager. Everyone is delighted with the result. Onwards and upwards to the next project!

Interior of Orangebox
Interior of Orange Box Pod

Priviglaze Client Testimonial

“Up to the present time we were looking for a solution to create a variable privacy feature for the latest flexible room system, Air 3. LT Smart provide for us:

Switchable Smart Glass.

Smart Glass is a product which could provide this functionality onto our Air 3 Pods.

Absolutely professional team.

Installation team worked effectively with our product development as well as installation engineers to create a very high-quality integrated solution not only for new pods, but which could also be retrofitted onto existing pods in particular.

Fantastic results.

Eventually company made the application onto the Air 3 glass panels straightforward and the overall effect is stunning – the result is an innovative feature that always impresses our customers.”

Ron Corbett, Orange Box – Acoustic Pods


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