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Lancashire Cricket Club

Cricket Club Lawn
Cricket Club Overview

Client: Lancashire Cricket Club (Old Trafford);  Location: Manchester, UK; Product: Priviglaze film
Priviglaze Film Square feet: 
120m²;  Date of Completion: 20/05/2019

Cricket Club Mezzanine Floor
Reception Area Lancashire Cricket Club

Priviglaze Client Objective

Cricket is an important revenue generator for Lancashire Cricket but so is the use of their conference and banqueting centre. Many prestigious companies hire the venue for conferences, as do many couples looking for that special venue to get married. It has a unique feature of a mezzanine floor overlooking the conference centre. The idea is to offer a “reveal” to surprise guests and delegates; in the instance of a reception held on the mezzanine floor and when it came time to reveal the conference area or the main area of the function area for wedding guests. Our Priviglaze Film switches from frosted to clear in milliseconds, offering the best element of surprise in reveals.

What was there before Priviglaze was installed? Prior to Priviglaze being instructed to apply our Priviglaze film, each window had an electronic blind that raised when they were ready to unveil the room below as a wonderful surprise. Unfortunately, the very nature of electronic blinds is that they are slow and generally do not all rise at the same time; defeating the objective to offer that element of surprise. Thankfully, Priviglaze switches instantaneously at the touch of a button, offering the best WOW factor solution.



Lancashire Cricket found that the cost between applying Retrofit Switchable film and installing new electronic blinds was similar. After negotiations, the client found Priviglaze to be more cost effective and importantly, our product met the project objective. Additionally, it has the massive advantage of offering rear projection. This means that whilst delegates or wedding guests are enjoying the reception, a video can be projected onto the windows, turning each window into a digital screen.

Lift Trolley
Lancashire Cricket Venue

The Lancashire Cricket Club Project

Once all the financials were agreed, Priviglaze arranged a site visit to get accurate measurements. Moreover, this enabled the team to get a better understanding of the project in detail. After discussions with the facility manager, Paul, all parties agreed that our film would be applied to the conference side of the window. Most projects are never simple to begin with, but this presented unique complications and challenges to overcome. Firstly, these windows were 10m off the ground and the installers had to work on lifting platforms which had to be moved along after each section was completed. Lancashire Cricket also wanted the ability to switch 5 sections separately, as well as all together. One of the major challenges was figuring out the solution to hide the cables in addition to feeding them to the Power Control Unit.

Moreover, Priviglaze had to work around the Cricket World Cup! This meant navigating very tight security and conferences in between cricket matches. As a result, our installers had to work late into the night to get the installation completed on time.

Cricket Club Project Collage

Day One of Installation

Health and Safety 
As with most projects, before we can even start, we undergo a strict health
and safety induction. Most importantly, all our installers must comply with current H&S standards.

Preparing the windows
Secondly, our technicians clean each window pane before any film application. This is not the usual quick wash down but a rigorous meticulous clean with an alcohol based cleaner (several times!) to ensure that the glass will be dust and mark free. This is the only way to get a 100% application.

Applying the film
This takes an immense amount of care and attention to detail. Our expert installers work to the highest standards and we always have a project manager on site to ensure the work is carried out to our highest expectations. This is a reminder that only trained technicians should work on any retrofit smart film projects.

Conference Downstairs Venue
Reception Venue

End of Lancashire Cricket Club Project

Priviglaze installers ensure the areas are left clean, tidy and free of material so the company can function safely during the times we are not on site.

At the end of the project, Priviglaze will test the system and show the client how to use the remote controls. Finally, when the client is satisfied with the installation, they will be asked to complete a sign-off sheet and encouraged to give us their feedback.

Lancashire Cricket Club Testimonial

“Lancashire Cricket instructed LT Smart (Priviglaze) to install switchable film on 115sqm of window overlooking our conference/banqueting room. The service from start to finish was nothing but professional. The project was not straight forward as the installers had to work on raised platforms 10m up. With the help of our team, the install guys worked long hours to get this project finished as quickly as possible, working around our busy schedule. We are delighted with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend LT Smart (Priviglaze).”

Regards Paul R.

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