Frequently Asked Questions

What is Switchable Privacy Glass?

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass and privacy glass, is essentially a laminated glass that switches between frosted/ opaque to clear, offering privacy on-demand. Smart glass allows for daylight to get through, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

What can Privacy Glass do?

Smart glass / switchable glass is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage is applied. Our smart glass is clear when it is turned On; and opaque/frosted when it is turned Off.

What is switchable glass made of?

Smart glass is made by laminating switchable film between two panes of glass.

How does Smart Glass work?

Smart glass is powered by electrical current. When the power is off, the molecules are all jumbled up; leaving the smart glass frosted or opaque. When the electrical current is applied, all the molecules align upright, turning the smart glass clear.

What are the main benefits of switchable glass?

There are many benefits, but the biggest advantage is being able to protect your privacy whenever you want. We call it privacy on-demand. Not only is it durable, economical to run and easy to maintain, smart glass allows for partitioned areas to have multiple uses through the solution it provides. It eliminates the need for curtains or blinds, thus giving the space a clean, aesthetically pleasing and streamlined look.

Is Switchable Glass battery powered or electrical?

Smart glass runs off a low voltage power supply. We supply a power control unit with a remote control as standard as well as run off a standard light switch. It can also be integrated into home automation systems such as LT Smart®, Crestron, Lutron and Control4.

How much electricity does Smart Glass use?

It uses 6w per square metre; 10 sqm would be the equivalent of a 100w light bulb. We estimate that this would cost about £10 a year to run.

When turned on, is Smart Glass as optically clear as normal glass?

As part of the material makeup, there is always a haze associated with switchable glass. This reduces its normal transparency by 8-10%. However, this percentage can be reduced further by the type of room lighting used. LED ambient lighting is the best and we are happy to advise further on this.

Can you see out of privacy glass when it is frosted or turned off?

When the glass is frosted, you cannot see through it. You may be able to see shadows when the items or people come close by.

Can Smart Glass be used as a rear projection screen?

A Switchable Smart Glass projection screen is smart glass frosted (turned off). It serves as a rear projection in its frosted mode. If your glass is already in place, we can offer you our switchable smart film as the perfect solution. Apart from offering privacy on-demand, switchable glass turns any window, shop front glass or office partition into a digital screen through the use of any high-quality projector. This is ideal for office presentations, office social/ sporting events, shop front digital advertising and more.

Can Switchable Glass protect us from UV rays?

Smart/ switchable glass blocks 99% of UV rays when natural light filters through. It also reduces the risk of damage to soft furnishings and colours fading.

Is switchable glass a blackout solution?

Unfortunately, no. Although it reduces the amount of light by approximately 25%, it is not a blackout solution.

Can you get Smart Glass in any shape or size?

Privacy glass can be made into any shape. As with any material, there are maximum and minimum sizes. For example, the maximum width is 1.8m; we recommend a maximum height of 2.9m.

What can Switchable Glass be used for?

The application for switchable glass is bespoke and countless. These include office partitioning, quality HD projection screens, meeting rooms, boardrooms, showcase, pod offices, gym entrances, exterior windows, viewing galleries, bathroom/bedroom divides, home office, rooflights, skylights, bifold doors, partition screens and more. Architects and designers often find new innovative ways of interior and exterior applications.

Can you put Switchable Glass on doors?

Yes! Priviglaze have worked hard to perfect this installation. We are able to offer both frameless and framed switchable glass doors.

How much does Smart Glass cost?

Depending on the application and specification, the cost per square meter can vary from £450 to £550.

Can I purchase a sample?

Yes. We have A5 smart glass samples and other sizes available for purchase. Get in touch about a sample today.

What is Smart Film?

Smart film is also known as Switchable film. Smart film allows for light transmission controlled by electrical current, to switch from clear to opaque/ frosted. It is used in the manufacturing process of laminated smart glass. We also supply the latest generation smart film product that can be applied to existing glass panels.

What are the differences between Smart Glass and Smart Film application?

The visual effects for both are the same. We always recommend smart glass for installation, but certain projects require smart film application over their existing glass structure. If you are unsure which is the right product for you, we are happy to advise the best solution for your project. We also supply these products to approved partners and contractors.

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