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June 10, 2020
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Smart Glass Sustainability

Priviglaze Sustainability



Priviglaze smart glass is a sustainable and elegant solution that promotes design aesthetics and energy-efficiency with benefits that far outweigh conventional glass.

Priviglaze uses low E soft coating. Our product is designed to prevent radiant heat loss, combined with Argon gas utilisation for improved superior thermal performance. This regulates a building’s temperature by limiting any heat loss through our smart glass.

Priviglaze glass maintenance is easy and eliminates the need for curtains or blinds. This reduces the use of cleaning products without the need to clean or sanitise shading systems or blinds.

Priviglaze glass turns any window, office partition or building frontage into a digital screen through the use of any high-quality projector. Thus, reducing redundancy in print advertising materials to support an eco-friendly business practice.




Priviglaze smart glass allows for maximum daylight exposure in any weather. Privacy on-demand smart function controls the amount of glare, ensuring visual comfort and occupants’ well-being. The latest smart glass switchable film allows for a reduced in energy consumption. Double glazed and safety laminated toughened glass only uses 10 watts per square meter; equivalent to running a 100 watt light bulb per year.



“Good acoustics are synonymous with quality. It’s less about high-technology solutions and more about doing a high-quality job – ensuring rooms are well-sealed and any defects are rectified.” — Aaron James, Norman Disney & Young sustainability and acoustics consultant.

Studies found a 66% drop in performance when we are exposed to distracting noise (source: world green building council, 1998). Disruption from external noise such as traffic and construction work is reduced through double or triple glazing. Smart glass feature sound dampening acoustic layers, thereby reducing noise levels by nearly 20%.

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