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Located in Slough, Berkshire, Priviglaze stands as a beacon of innovation within the LT Smart Group. We specialise in revolutionising spaces through the application of high-quality Privacy Smart Glass and Smart Film. Our expertise is recognised across commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and residential sectors throughout the United Kingdom.

Our devotion lies in offering top-notch technology and products that are affordable for all. We allocate our knowledge and skills towards enhancing social dynamics and productivity, by cultivating environments that are comfort-driven and eco-friendly.

Experience the wonder of Privacy Smart Glass UK with Priviglaze

Unlock a new level of interaction and productivity in your space with Priviglaze’s innovative smart glass and smart film technology. Based in Slough, Berkshire but serving the entirety of the UK, we’re here to help make design implicity and functionality a reality.

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UK-Made Smart Glass for Sustainable Buildings

Priviglaze falls under the esteemed LT Smart Ltd. group and prides itself on producing smart glass by locally manufacturing the lamination process within the UK. Our glass panels not only meet the required British Kitemark safety requirements but are also designed to be toughened in order to ensure maximum durability and safety. Unlike traditional glass, the Smart Glass UK designed by Priviglaze is energy-effective, making it a favoured choice and sustainable solution in industries such as commercial, healthcare, hospitality and residential.

As an ISO-certified company, we make it our mission to provide premium, yet reasonably-priced products, directly from the manufacturer to the local consumer. Priviglaze’s Smart Glass UK guarantees style, comfort, and environmentally-friendly technology, all within your reach.

Diverse Applications of Smart Glass and Smart Film UK

What Our Clients Say

Paul R.

Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Club

“…the install guys worked long hours to get this project finished as quickly as possible… we are delighted with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend LT Smart (Priviglaze).”

Inayat Omarji, MBE

Digital Health

“A brilliant solution to our Glass Office Partitions, enhancing our privacy at a click. The installation team was very professional as well as organised.” 



“LT Smart (Priviglaze) worked hard to satisfy all our demands… even when we had a minor issue, the problem was rectified quickly and efficiently with no fuss. Perfect.”

Want to know more? Here are some common questions our clients ask.

1. What is Priviglaze Smart Glass?

Priviglaze Privacy Smart Glass UK is an innovative glass technology that transitions between transparency and opacity, suitable for architectural and design applications.


2. How Does Priviglaze Smart Glass Work?

Our Smart Glass uses electricity to control different states, offering privacy control on demand.


3. Priviglaze Smart Glass Applications:

Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, our Smart Glass is used in office glass partition, glass wall, windows, doors, and interior partitions, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.


4. Color Options for Priviglaze Smart Glass:

We offer Smart Glass in various tints to accommodate different design needs and project requirements.


5. Cleaning Priviglaze Smart Glass:

Our Smart Glass can be cleaned like regular glass, using a slightly damp cloth and standard cleaning products.


6. Cleaning Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

We recommend keeping the Retrofit Smart Glass dry and using a soft, dry cloth for cleaning. If you need to remove grease from the surface, apply a small amount of mild detergent and promptly wipe it off after cleaning. Remember to switch off the power before performing any cleaning tasks.


7. Switching Speed of Priviglaze Smart Glass:

Our LCD Smartglass changes from translucent to opaque in a fraction of a second for instant privacy.


8. Types of Smart Glass Offered by Priviglaze:

We provide both Active and Passive Smart Glass, suitable for various needs and preferences.


9. How much is Smart Glass UK, and How much is Smart Film UK cost?

Pricing varies depending on the specific requirements of each project. As a rough estimate, the cost for Smart Glass UK ranges from £500 to £600 per square meter, while Smart Film UK is priced between £250 and £350 per square meter. These prices do not include installation and partition costs. We offer a one-stop solution that saves you time, energy, and money by dealing with us exclusively, rather than multiple trades. Contact us for a personalized quote.


10. Control Options for Priviglaze Smart Glass:

Our Smart Glass can be controlled with regular wall switches, remote controls, or integrated into smart home systems for ease and flexibility.


11. What is Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film?

Retrofit Smart Film is a solution that applies to existing glass to transform it into smart glass, avoiding full replacement.


12. Application of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

We professionally apply our Retrofit Smart Film to existing glass surfaces, ensuring optimal functionality and appearance.


13. Compatibility of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

Our Retrofit Smart Film can be used on most types of glass, offering versatility for upgrading existing installations.


14. Effectiveness of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

Our Retrofit Smart Film provides functionality comparable to built-in smart glass, serving as an efficient alternative.


15. Functionality of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

Like our smart glass, the Retrofit Smart Film switches from opaque to transparent when electricity is applied, offering instant privacy control.


16. Benefits of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

The film offers ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to modernize existing glass structures without extensive renovations.


17. Customisation of Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

We customise our Retrofit Smart Film to fit the specific dimensions of your existing glass installations.


18. Control Options for Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

It can be controlled via wall switches, remote controls, or smart home system integration.


19. Maintenance Requirements for Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

It requires similar maintenance to regular glass, needing only standard cleaning.


20. Privacy and Light Control with Priviglaze Retrofit Smart Film:

Our film is perfect for on-demand privacy and light control, suitable for various settings such as offices, healthcare facilities, and homes.


Warranty and Installation Note:

We offer a 5-year warranty on Smart Glass, a 2-year warranty on Retrofit Smart Film, and a 2-year warranty on electrical components.

Professional installation of our Retrofit Smart Film is recommended to ensure a flawless application. It is not a DIY easy soltuion. We provide a complete solution for your project needs, ensuring expert installation free from bubbles and dust.