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We believe that smart glass should be available for everyone.


Priviglaze is a brand name of LT Smart® Ltd., based in Uxbridge, United Kingdom. We specialise in the distribution and installation of Smart Privacy Glass and Film for use within the commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and residential sectors.

We work hard with our suppliers to make our technology and product affordable. The evolution of new technology today offers the opportunity to improve our social interaction and workplace productivity by creating a comfortable environment for all.

Inayat Omarji, MBE

Digital Health

“A brilliant solution to our Glass Office Partitions, enhancing our privacy at a click. The installation team was very professional as well as organised.” 

Paul R.

Emirates Old Trafford Cricket Club

“…the install guys worked long hours to get this project finished as quickly as possible… we are delighted with the end result and would not hesitate to recommend LT Smart (Priviglaze).”



“LT Smart (Priviglaze) worked hard to satisfy all our demands… even when we had a minor issue, the problem was rectified quickly and efficiently with no fuss. Perfect.”