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7 May 2020
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7 May 2020

Electronically Switchable Glass for Office Partitions

Glass Partition Discussion

Businesses today need to navigate the complexities of workspace solutions that support the spirit of cooperation without sacrificing the need for privacy. Electronically Switchable Glass as office partitions is the popular answer for those workplace interior conundrums.

The Necessity of Glass Partitions

  • Glass walls make a significant viable partitioning solution, allowing light and the appearance of space which promotes connectivity to all employees
  • Secondly, glass permits natural light to penetrate through office interiors, which is proven to improve morale, productivity, physical and mental wellbeing of the staff members. Likewise, glass partitions not only provide an opportunity for members to feel part of the team but allows for privacy on-demand and sound reduction.
  • According to Building Design and Construction, the average quantity of workplaces has shrunk by 30 percent. The typical amount of space per worker in 2018 was 151 square feet compared to the average of 225 square feet in 2010. Conventional walls occupy precious square footage in a limited space, whereas glass permits offices to maximize essential square footage.
  • Movable glass walls make it possible for areas to be more modular and flexible to the continuous changes a business office requires. Similarly, this allows for expandable work spaces. It also has a significantly less environmental impact than conventional partitions.
  • Glass is contemporary yet timeless. The appearance and feel of a room convey a company’s identity with its partners, investors, clients, and workers. Glass supports individualized layout, allowing for a high-tech contemporary feel and a fresh, traditional approach to office environments.

Need for Privacy

Although office interior trends promote flexibility and spaciousness, privacy for company data and staff members are needed. From private meetings, sensitive one-on-ones with HR, to a quiet spot to sit down and think without feeling as though you are in a fishbowl. Privacy isn’t luxury, it is a necessity. In today’s modern world, there are just a few luxuries more valuable than quiet time. Quiet zones are essential to maximising output and productivity.

The simplest way to divide a room while still maximising space is to erect glass walls made from electronically switchable glass. Our highly innovative glass provides users with the capability to obtain privacy on-demand. Smart glass or Switchable glass and switchable films, allow glass office walls to switch from transparent to opaque in an instant. This allows for privacy as well as supports a light-filled atmosphere. The switchable glass can be controlled using a switch or wireless remote controller. Through the use of a tiny electrical current, users can quickly transform glass walls from transparent to opaque and back.

Additional Features of Switchable Glass

  • Electronically Switchable Glass for Office Partition offers additional features which makes it a high-value addition to glass partitioning.
  • Priviglaze Switchable Film can also be used as an HD rear projection surface. Glass walls double up as a digital screen when opaque; useful for product demonstrations, visual artwork, or promotional videos.
  • When the glass is in its frosted position, it can double up as a whiteboard. It is simple to use and just as simple to wipe away.
  • Priviglaze also offers dimmable function control on its smart glass, allowing the control of light entering a room. Dynamic interior layouts could be further enhanced with a dash of colour. Our film can also be cut to display company logos or used as blinds. The film can also be cut into unique shapes and designs for that extra wow factor.
  • Priviglaze glass enhances the appearance and feel of a room, raises productivity while enabling both privacy and an open work environment. We install smart glass windows, doorways, privacy window film, and privacy walls in corporate offices. There is a growing need to protect company privacy. Similarly, it is the “must-have” improvement for those looking to create the most significant impression with their glass partition.
  • You can wow your customers and visitors with a glass which just switches on and off at the flick of a switch!

The Ultimate Lifestyle of Electronically Switchable Glass

Imagine inviting your customer into your office or meeting space and demonstrating our amazing smart glass. It is a great conversation starter and puts your customer at ease. Before you get down to business, simply pick up the remote controller and flick the office walls from clear to frosted.

It immediately creates the WOW factor and it will knock their socks off.

Priviglaze is a leading manufacturer of Smart Glass & Smart Home Solutions. We can improve the efficiency of your organization by altering the ambiance of your workplace. Priviglaze delivers an exceptional opportunity to allow for privacy on-demand. Our broad spectrum of glazed partitions is produced in the UK and tailored to your needs. The enhanced acoustic reduction is also a major factor to improve the efficiency of the working environment.

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