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9 July 2020
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Priviglaze Smart Glass as Rear Projection Screen

Rugby Rear Projection

Rear Projection Screen Function

Smart Glass for Digital Advertising

One of the most brilliant benefits with Priviglaze Switchable Smart Glass is its use as a rear projection screen. Set up your HD rear projector and watch the moving images or videos play. This is particularly exciting for shop frontages that display advertising to attract customers into your business premises. You can project any still or moving digital images onto your exterior or interior smart glass. Not only can you have your digital advertising on loop when you want to, you still keep the benefit of looking out your window anytime you want, at the switch of a button! Hover over the image on the left to see how it looks during the daytime.

Smart Glass for your Private Events

This home owner used his external Priviglaze smart glass windows to display a themed Halloween video for his party guests. Watch the video to see how fun it turned out. We particularly liked the Stomps and Claps music track by Scott Holmes to go with this!

Smart Glass as Rear Projection Screen for your Powerpoint Presentation

How about projecting your all-important keynote presentation to impress your investors? Carry out your pitch with the help of a large glass screen behind you to facilitate your talks. Rear Projection also works well on Priviglaze’s Retrofit Smart Film. It does not cost more to have the benefit of rear projection. Any smart film or smart glass installed can double up as a rear projection screen. As demonstrated throughout this page, the smart glass screen works wonders whether it is for your interior or exterior installation.

Smart Glass PartitionRugby Rear Projection

Smart Glass as Rear Projection Screen for your Office Social Events

Our lovely friends over at CDSM Thinqi in Swansea, shared with us this wonderful picture of what they did with Priviglaze’s smart glass partition at their office. What a clever idea to project the Rugby live onto the glass wall! Who needs the tele when you can have this for the entire office space to share? Hover over the image on the left to see what we mean!

Fascinated by rear projection screen functions? Speak to our advisors to find out more.

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