Priviglaze is an affordable technology that gives an impressive finish.


Priviglaze has a wide range of hospitality solutions. Electric privacy glass can be used for observation windows, vision panels, privacy partitions, glass for bathrooms, smart glass doors, shopfront digital advertising and more. Our clients include luxury hotels to the most modest of B&Bs, medical facilities, reception catering sectors, swanky eateries and retail space.

Priviglaze provide privacy on-demand solutions, perfect for your communal areas, en-suites, function rooms, shop frontages, gyms, pool side facilities and many more. Whether your open plan designs require partitioning or you have plans to modernise the draperies, speak to us today for a bespoke solution that is sure to impress your visitors.

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Smart Glass Partition as Hospitality Solutions

Priviglaze Smart Film Privacy Glass installed in en-suite partition is sure to make a lasting impression on hotel guests. Priviglaze smart glass is a top notch solution for navigating those tight spaces. Make the most of the best smart glass technology on the market.

Smart glass partitions will give the illusion of much needed space for a comfortable stay. Priviglaze smart glass switches between frosted and clear at the touch of a button, giving guests privacy on-demand. Our range of smart glass products are fully customisable to suite your hotel interior architecture. Whether it is for your existing interiors or a new installation you are after, we can make it work for you. Have a browse of our smart glass solutions or speak to one of our smart glass experts today.

Digital Advertising Solutions

Innovation in advertising technologies are advancing rapidly in today’s attention economy. New dynamic ad content provide ample opportunities for marketers to engage with their ideal customers. Keeping up with recent advertising trends will help boost your marketing strategies. We’ve researched what the future holds for digital advertising and the role switchable smart glass plays.

More than half of all consumers admit that they would like to see more video content from marketers across all sectors. Besides being visually appealing, video is the perfect format to educate and inform. Moreover, video content can be updated anytime to be played through a ceiling mounted projector. Commercial frontages are transformed into advertising spaces to increase footfall and generate business. This is a cost effective solution that considers the environment by reducing carbon footprint and printed advertising materials.

Switchable glass can take rear projection. Turn any window into a screen. Wow visiting clients. Run adverts on shop fronts after closing time. Play HD videos when traffic is highest. Take advantage of your assets at a time that video content is so influential.

Frameless Bi-fold Glass Doors

Bring your hospitality to the next level by adding Priviglaze frameless bi-fold door solution. Make your space bigger and lighter. Key benefits include maximising light, improving energy efficiency, opening up dark spaces and produce a fresh, invigorating atmosphere.


Create a private dining area when required and utilise versatile space any time of the year. Our frameless bi-folding doors offer the safety and security of regular bi-fold doors in a minimalist all glass design. They are ideal for wheelchair access with sunken floor runners or pins. Find Out More

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Walk On Glass

Walk on glass panels increase the flow of natural light coming through an establishment. There are ingenious ways to incorporate walk on glass with the use of electric smart glass film The smart glass switches between frosted and clear when needed. This gives privacy when needed but still allows for 75% of light to pass through.

These are popular within hospitality and commercial properties. Switch the glass clear to showcase interior architecture. Switch the glass frosted to project video onto it. Walk on glass features as an eye-catching focal point to greet customers entering the foyer.

Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds offer exciting visual displays needed in hospitality industries to attract footfall and amuse patrons of all ages.

Unlike regular smart blinds, Priviglaze Smart Blinds’ digital displays are fully customisable at the production stage of the smart glass lamination. It allows for an assortment of rhythmic frosted elements to be programmed to complement and work with your beautifully designed spaces. Watch this video to see how smart blinds will dazzle viewers.