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6 August 2020
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Ambient Lighting for Smart Glass

Beaumont Meeting Room

One of the key benefits of installing switchable smart glass is the amount of natural or artificial light that will flow through your interiors. The clarity may not be exactly as normal float glass but with the option for privacy on-demand that smart glass offers, you can easily improve the light transmission of your smart glass product by optimising the ambient lighting on either side of the partition.


Viewing Angle and Glazing Thickness

Smart glass clarity can vary depending on the viewing angle from where you are standing. Compared to laminated smart glass, the added thickness in smart glass sealed units or double glazed smart glass products may affect the haze factor.

Smart Glass Viewing Angle

Haze Factor

Smart glass/film technology requires low voltage power supply. Our trained technicians install each smart glass/film product through a specifically skilled process. Unlike conventional glass, 8 to 10% of haze is present on smart glass/film products. On sunnier days, smart glass may appear more hazy than usual. The choice of smart glass product and thickness variable may affect the haze factor differently. Whilst smart glass/film is not optically as clear as normal float glass, the haze will be less apparent with the right ambient LED lighting and lightly coloured surroundings. On the other hand, dark colours and wood furnishings are favoured for the warmth they bring to a working environment. Nevertheless, our installation project below demonstrates that the right ambient lighting work well with these dark elements without compromising on the clarity of your smart glass partition.

Timber Frame Office Partition

Choosing the right kind of ambient lighting will affect the look or end result of your smart glass installation. Your interior lighting is an important consideration and the right solution would bring out the best outcome in your smart glass/film investment. Our clients take pride in how Priviglaze smart glass/film brings out the WOW factor in any context or interior. Although smart glass/film installation is one of the last remaining product scheduled to be installed at any project, it is never too late to improve the ambient lighting. Speak to one of our advisors today for more information regarding the interaction between ambient lighting and your smart glass/film. In conclusion, we are on hand to help you find a solution that works best for you.

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