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9 October 2020
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Meeting Pods with Privacy On-Demand

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What Are Meeting Pods?

They are flexible, enclosed spaces for dedicated use without the need for permanent walls and fixtures. There are many pod design systems available that cater for different styles and needs. Office pods, garden office pods, phone pods or meeting pods are creative solutions for users looking to improve their existing layouts. What’s more, these meeting pods can be customised to suit your budget and layout. Pods are quick to install and can be transported with you when you move. Most pods facilitate modular design systems and can be made to order. Such customisation options will help users save on conventional remodelling costs.

During these times, solid glass walls are a preferred hygienic solution. Unlike fabric partitions or draperies that require upkeep and updates, glass partitions in office pods are timeless in style and easy to maintain.


Meeting Pods As Layout Solutions

Whilst open plan office layouts encourage collaboration amongst its team members, there is an increasing need to partition work spaces using meeting pods.

Overhearing and eavesdropping on conversation chatter in open plan offices are not only distracting but reduces productivity. Additionally, a study conducted by the University of Sydney finds that almost half of the forty-two thousand office workforce surveyed in developed countries are frustrated with their open plan offices due to the lack of sound privacy.

Meeting PodMeeting Pod in Office Layout
“Steady, constant noise, like ventilation noise, doesn’t interrupt people’s thinking too much but intelligible speech does.”

Dr. Jungsoo Kim, University of Sydney

Open plan frustration
Open plan layout

Aside from acoustic reasons, about a third of these users are frustrated with the lack of visual privacy, whilst over 20% are unhappy with the thermal conditions attributed by open plan layouts.

To combat this, smart glass and film integrated into office pod systems are the ultimate solution to protect the users’ privacy at the touch of a button. At Priviglaze, we partner with pod manufacturers to integrate smart glass and film solutions to provide privacy on-demand. Take a look at the projects we have installed with our product to enable privacy on-demand in these meeting pods.

Are you interested in meeting pods with privacy on-demand for your workspace or garden office? Get in touch with one of our team members today.

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