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Smart Glass Explained

Priviglaze Smart Glass

Priviglaze Smart Glass: On/ Off

 Smart Glass: Transforming Spaces with Innovation

Priviglaze, a pioneer in Switchable Glass and Film technology, is dedicated to enhancing the ambiance of both residential and commercial spaces with smart, innovative solutions. We strive to empower our clients with knowledge, ensuring that every decision made is informed and tailored to meet specific needs. Here, we aim to dispel common myths and answer all your questions about the wonders of switchable smart glass.



Understanding Smart Glass and Its Functionality

Smart Glass, also known as switchable glass, is an advanced product made from multiple layers including glass, self-adhesive layers, transparent ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) conductive film, and liquid crystal molecules. This specialized construction allows Smart Glass to offer dual functionality – transparency and opaqueness in one solution. When activated, the liquid crystal molecules align to create a clear view. Conversely, when deactivated, they scatter to obstruct visibility, ensuring privacy.

   smart glass on



Versatile Applications of Switchable Glass

The uses of Priviglaze are vast and varied, catering to both commercial and residential needs. Our smart glass can be seamlessly integrated into various structures such as doors, roof-lights, privacy panels, office partitions, and even as high-definition projection screens. The versatility of Priviglaze has inspired architects and interior designers to explore and apply its functionality in innovative and unique ways.



Smart Utilization of Smart Glass:

Corporate Workspaces: Switchable Glass Windows can transform office spaces, offering a modern and sophisticated look.

Partitions: Ideal for both home and office, our privacy-on-demand glass lends a cozy atmosphere to any setting.

Roofs and Doors: Priviglaze skylights provide an elegant solution for homes, replacing traditional curtains and blinds with natural light and privacy.

Showers and Swimming Pools: Enhance your leisure areas with smart glass that offers luxury, privacy, and a vibrant aesthetic.

HD Rear Projection Screens: Turn your smart glass into a high-quality screen for movies or presentations, perfect for both home entertainment and professional displays.



Why Choose Priviglaze?

Our products are BSI (British Standards Institution) approved, a testament to their safety and quality. Made in the UK, Priviglaze smart glass is a product of advanced PDLC glass technology and is crafted under the supervision of highly qualified technicians. Installation is a specialized process, conducted by technicians who are experts in smart film technology, ensuring flawless integration.


Advanced Features of Priviglaze Products:

  • On-demand Privacy Smart Glass partitions
  • Unmatched clarity and transparency
  • High-definition rear projection capability
  • Sound insulation properties
  • Multiple control options
  • Heat resistance
  • Safety design: Break-resistant without shattering


Contact and Further Information

For more details or to discuss your project needs, reach out to us at info@priviglaze.com or call 020 8150 0080/ 0845 3886618

Explore our website at www.priviglaze.com for further insights into our offerings and client testimonials.

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