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Priviglaze manufacturing process prioritises quality and sustainability.

Step 1

Priviglaze manufacturing process uses the highest grade, latest generation material of switchable film from the start.

Step 2

During the Priviglaze manufacturing process, every inch of the material is inspected to make sure there are no flaws or damage. Our dedicated technicians inspect the smart film routinely before each project we undertake.

Step 3

Electrical connections are attached to the film. This is a very delicate operation as the material is 1.4mm thick, comprising of 5 layers of material and the connections are attached to the first and last sheets. The Priviglaze manufacturing process requires our utmost dedication and TLC.

Step 4

We laminate the material between two sheets of glass, using a transparent adhesive material to each side of the film and between the glass. The oven is heated to a specific temperature before the product left to bake for a crucial amount of time. The specifics of how this process is carried out is a highly kept secret.

Step 5

The glass is then left to cool and any excess glue removed from the edges. Subsequently, we clean and pack the smart glass carefully. Finally, the glass is ready to be shipped by our dedicated glass carrier.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading a simple breakdown of the Priviglaze manufacturing process. Contact us today for more information.