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9 April 2020
Smart Glass Explained
Smart Glass Explained
7 May 2020

Smart Roof Lights

Skylights on Industrial Roofs

Roof lights, also known as skylights, are windows built into the roof. They are increasingly popular to channel daylight into the darkest areas of our home and office. Smart Glass can be incorporated into the glazing to give you more control over the amount of natural light entering the building. It even blocks 99% of UV rays.

Increased Natural Light 

There are different types of roof lights available on the market; standard flat roof lights, pitched roof lights, lantern, architectural, sloping and more. They all provide outstanding thermal performance and appear aesthetically stunning.

Roof lights traditionally allow up to twice the amount of natural light, in comparison to vertical windows. Many architects and interior designers recommend such roof light installation to brighten up dark rooms. Natural light enhances the ambience and allows for greater comfort.

Smart Roof Lights in Various Shapes and Sizes

Modern roof lights come in various shapes and sizes. They can be installed to sloping, flat roofs or be custom-made into specific designs and sizes. Some designs include electrical opening panels to provide good ventilation. The glass comes in various thicknesses and energy efficiency rating. With a little imagination, they can also be made into walk-on panels.


Integrating switchable glass into your roof light is a great way to gain privacy and block out those cold wintry days, along with any unsightly eyesore. The use of Switchable Smart Glass solutions can turn your structural glass roof into a higher performing element of your project. It has the added benefit of reducing sunlight glare too.

A roof light is a perfect addition to a new extension or home improvement project. It significantly freshens up an existing living area; giving the space a whole new look. Roof lights also complement interior spaces with warmth and comfort whatever the weather. Being able to withstand all weather conditions is a huge indication of the glass glazing quality.

Industrial Roof Light Glazing

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