Priviglaze Smart Blinds

Priviglaze Smart Blinds, our latest product to the market, possibly the first of its kind debuting in UK. Unlike conventional motorised smart blinds, this is a cutting-edge innovation built upon our smart glass technology. As seen on the product sample video, there are six assortment of frosted and clear variations included as standard. Users are able to select any variation on-demand. There is a selection of function buttons on the control panel to facilitate the user’s choice on the smart blinds variation capabilities. If this is not enough, we offer unique customisation of display variations, graphics, logos or bespoke frosted graphics, programmed to the client’s specification.

Smart Blinds Technical Data

Priviglaze smart blinds is an innovative product built upon our existing switchable smart glass technology. Apart from the privacy on-demand function of privacy glass, this offers more customisation and entertainment value. Whether it is smart blinds, smart glass partition or retrofit smart film that you are interested in, speak to one of our expert advisors today who will guide you through the available solutions that are bespoke for your project.