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Collaboration with Interior Design Companies
7 May 2020
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What are Smart Glass and Smart Film?
11 May 2020

Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable Privacy Glass on Shop Front

The use of glass in office interiors increases natural light. Increasing natural light reduces energy consumption, thus reducing energy bills. Sliding glass is a popular privacy glass option used on office fronts. However, sliding glass fails to provide office privacy, and that is the main reason behind switchable privacy glass.

Switchable Privacy Glass is designed to create a multifunctional workspace. By implementing innovation and new technology, architects and interior designers recommend this new way of maximizing our physical workspace.

Switchable privacy glass, also referred to as smart glass, will switch from opaque to clear at the touch of a button, the wave of a hand or the tap of an app. Hence, resulting in a brilliant dynamic office front, that will facilitate a private yet open experience.

Well, how can switchable privacy glass be used to create a dynamic office layout? Better yet, how does switchable glass work and what are the benefits? 

How Does Switchable Privacy Glass Work?

In simple terms, liquid crystal molecules are filled inside a structure and surrounded by electro-conductive foil. The foil is then suspended between two thin glass panes. The glass pane controls how the crystal molecules are arranged inside the glass structure. Note that the molecules are set in a way that they will either allow light to pass through or not.

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Using the switchable privacy glass will not only transform the feel of your workspace but will also make it functional and appealing to look at.

Note the following ways on how Priviglaze switchable smart glass can improve the quality of your lifestyle.

  • Provide different light mode settings
  • Eliminate the use of curtains, reduces dust mites as well as create an appealing environment with cleaner air
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Maximise existing space
  • Partition open plan areas 

How Is Switchable Privacy Glass used to Create Dynamic Spaces at Offices 

If you don’t want interruptions or distractions during an interview, simply switch the glass to frosted or opaque mode. You can maintain a better view of the office and what other staff members are up to from your office by switching on to the clear mode. Cubicles could remain translucent while not in use or quickly be configured into frosted or opaque when the need for privacy arises.


Frame your dining areas using switchable privacy glass. Have an amazing view of your backyard’s sunrise and sunset whenever you want, while still enjoying privacy once you turn the glass opaque at the touch of a button.

Health Centres

Switchable privacy glass can be used to create clinical partitions, observation windows, ICU layouts and doors, office doors/windows, and nurseries.

Special Collections

You probably want to feature precious collectibles you own in a glass case. The transparent glass will allow you to view your treasures and collections whenever you want and also protect them from deterioration from the sun by switching to the opaque mode. Switchable glass blocks out 99% of UV rays.


In the hospitality industries such as hotels, switchable privacy glass can be used to build partitions for en suite rooms, bathroom doors, meeting rooms, receptions and more. Not only does it provide an open plan atmosphere during the transparent mode, it exudes a memorable luxury that makes you and your brand stand out from your competitors.


Switchable privacy glass is the hallmark of banking commercial rooms, safe deposit rooms, transaction fronts and ballistic teller lines.


In retail, the switchable glass can be used with projection displays. Smart glass shop frontages double up as digital advertising platforms through rear projection functions.

Switchable Privacy Glass Controls

  • Remote control
  • Timer
  • Android and iPhone app controls
  • Voice control
  • Motion sensor
  • Door lock
  • Wall switch

Benefits of Switchable Privacy Glass

  • Enhances the efficiency and beauty of space
  • Reduction of glare and eye strain
  • Requires low maintenance and supports hygienic practices
  • Enhances the image and facade of corporate offices/ hotels
  • Long life span
  • Reduction of goldfish effect in high-density buildings
  • Maintains high contrast
  • Provides instant privacy control


Switchable privacy glass is a part of the revolutionary architectural innovation. Additionally, it serves to improve the interior layout of any commercial or residential space. The design aesthetics and energy efficiency ratings are exceptional. The onset of high-tech smart glass provides optimal flexibility, dynamic functionality and architectural aesthetics for workspaces and home improvement.

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