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2 November 2020
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Switchable Smart Glass: The Best Solution for Office Partitioning

Smart Glass Partition

Gone are the days when brick, block, or wooden materials were the vogue in office partitioning. Modern businesses prefer to use glass partitions due to the aesthetics advantage and many other benefits it brings to an office environment.  Unfortunately, clear glass partitioninng leads to a new challenge of privacy concerns in an office.  To resolve this problem, offices would choose to use frosted glass partitions or leave it as is, permanently  clear. However, advancements in technology has led to switchable smart glass, an innovation that brings an ideal solution to this conundrum.


What is Switchable Smart Glass?

At first glance, switchable smart glass looks like ordinary glass. However, the glass contains electrosensitive elements that change in appearance when connected to electric current. This means the user can change the appearance of smart glass from transparent to an opaque frosted state with the flick of a switch! This unique property makes switchable smart glass an excellent choice for modern office partitioning.  Here are some reasons why businesses should use switchable smart glass technology for office partitioning:

It is Elegant

Glass partitions are popular and expected in an office space. However, smart glass technology takes glass aesthetics to the next level.  The ability to change the appearance of glass from transparent to completely opaque is awe-inspiring.  An office space can regulate indoor lighting without shifting curtains or blinds; all it takes is a flip of the switch or a tap on the remote control. Moreover, smart glass can double up as a rear projection screen through the use of a rear projector in an office conference room. These add to the sophistication and elegance of the office premises.


Flexible Privacy Option

Offices no longer have to choose between transparent or completely opaque glass partitions. Smart glass technology allows businesses to enjoy the best of both worlds.  The office partitions can be left in a transparent state during working hours to motivate the staff and enable supervisors to do their jobs efficiently. The opaque state will be useful when there is a need for privacy during office meetings or break periods.  This technology allows office occupants to achieve privacy on-demand.


Hassle-Free Installation

Offices with glass partitions already installed can upgrade to switchable smart glass technology without making a heavy invesment or discarding the existing glass partitions. All that is required is for our smart film technificians to install switchable film onto the existing glass partitions.  Switchable smart film is a transparent film product that transforms an ordinary glass into switchable smart glass. Once expertly installed onto existing glass partitions with the right electrical components, office staff and visitors can enjoy all that smart glass technology features.


Easy to Manage

After installing smart glass partitions, an office can do away with clumsy window blinds and door curtains. Unlike blinds and curtains that need dry cleaning after accumulating clouds of dust and stains, a simple wipe is all it takes to get a sparkling clean, smart glass partition. An office would save expense in routine maintenance as well as replacements in soft furnishings when worn out.



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