7 May 2020
Skylights on Industrial Roofs

Smart Glass Roof Lights

Roof lights, also known as skylights, are windows that are built into the roof. They are increasingly popular to channel daylight into the darkest areas of […]
7 May 2020
Glass Partition Discussion

Electronically Switchable Glass for Office Partitions

Businesses today need to navigate the complexities of workspace solutions that support the spirit of cooperation without sacrificing the need for privacy. Electronically Switchable Glass as […]
7 May 2020
Collaboration with Design Companies

Collaboration with Interior Design Companies

  In an everchanging economy, it is essential to work effectively with various business partners. Companies used to be insular, producing everything in-house. Today, businesses ready to […]
7 May 2020
Switchable Privacy Glass on Shop Front

Switchable Privacy Glass

The use of glass in office interiors increases natural light. Increasing natural light reduces energy consumption, thus reducing energy bills. Sliding glass is a popular privacy […]