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21 January 2021
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8 July 2021

Retrofit Priviglaze Smart Film Partitions and Doors

Retrofit Smart Film Door Partition

Do you have recently fitted glass partitions but require privacy on-demand?

We always recommend replacing worn glass partitions with newly laminated smart glass instead. Sometimes it is not possible to replace them having recently done so. In such instances, retrofit smart film could be the ideal solution.

This feature is one of our finest and most recent retrofit smart film project. It would generally require three days to complete. We had three able installers and technicians working on this project during March 2021. Three pairs of hands were necessary due to the sheer size of the smart film piece. It is one of the largest pieces we worked with, measuring at 1.5 metres wide and 2.6 metres tall. 

The film itself was heavy and wide. It simply would not have been possible with two individuals. The installers had to adjust the smart film positioning together for a flush finish. This is because they can only make allowances of between two to three millimetres in gaps.

Can we DIY our own Retrofit Smart Film Project?

Whilst smart film products are also available as supply-only from Priviglaze, we recommend hiring a specialist to carry out the installation as it is essentially an electrical product. Unlike other DIY window privacy films on the market, Priviglaze’s switchable film product is made of PDLC – Polymer Dispersed Liquid Technology. It is the application process itself that requires a specialist’s know-how and expertise. Imagine what it is like to place a film protector sheet over your newly acquired smartphone. The application principle is quite similar for applying retrofit smart film, except on a much larger scale with very little margin for error. Moreover, unlike a clear protective sheet, our smart film is a bespoke electrical product with wires and busbars.

Retrofit Smart Film PartitionSmart Film Partition

How do you prep the existing glass panels before installing smart film?

If your existing glass panel is quite worn, it would not be sensible to apply smart film onto it. Any nick or speck of dust affects the application outcome. The technician will use soapy water to clean the glass panels to the best of their ability. Secondly, scrapers are used to remove any existing glues or chips. They proceed to use a specific alcohol concentration solution to give the panel a meticulous and thorough clean. If a speck of dust particle is spotted after the film is applied, the technician will have to carefully remove the smart film and clean it out to ensure a perfect finish. It is important to point out that the installation site has to be tidy, clear and clean for your smart film fit-out day. Our smart film installers should be the last few, if not the last installers scheduled-in for your renovation project.


Priviglaze technicians are required to wear lint-free attire to facilitate a perfect finish during the retrofit smart film application process.

Can you retrofit Smart Film on Doors?

We are specialists in this area and have installed a variety of doors from sliding doors to French doors. For this project, the client had a set of double doors requiring smart film. There were preinstalled pipework for the electrics carried out by the proprietor’s electrician. We usually work closely with our clients to provide technical drawings as to where the electrics and cable loops need to go. These would have been completed before our installers’ retrofit date.

Retrofit Smart Film Door PartitionSmart Film Doors

For more information about Retrofit Smart Film on Glass Partitions and Glass Doors, speak to one of our advisors today.

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