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How to Dry Your Bed Sheets


I’m convinced that one of the main reasons people stay in hotels is that they get that clean-sheet feeling every single night. Those bedtime chocolates are pretty good, too — but, for me, it’s all about getting into a bed fitted with fresh, unwrinkled sheets.

It feels like this bedtime magic shouldn’t be difficult to replicate at home, but somehow it is (at least for me). In fact, I’ve sometimes resorted to getting my sheets laundered and pressed just so I can have a few nights of hotel-like sheets.

But, it turns out I may just be washing (and drying) my sheets all wrong. Maybe you are, too? I chatted with Ariel Kaye, founder and CEO of Parachute, about the common sheet-cleaning mistake you may be making — and how fixing it will get you perfect, unwrinkled sheets.

The Right Way to Dry Your Bed Sheets

According to Kaye, wrinkled sheets are totally avoidable — so long as you make sure to do a few key things.

First, she suggest only filling your dryer halfway “to prevent twisted bedding and allow the fabric to fluff up.” She also says you should take your sheets out of the dryer a few minutes before the cycle ends, when they’re still the slightest bit damp. “Then, immediately make your bed and smooth away wrinkles,” she advises.

And, in case you’re looking to replicate that hotel-bed feeling even more, she has a few additional tips:


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