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27 February 2022
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27 February 2022

Classic reinvention with Steelcase


The spine, Steelcase found, is a sophisticated support system with the upper and lower spine often acting independently, or rather doing different if complementary things. When the upper back arches backwards for instance, the lower back bows forward, and vice versa. The way our spine does that is unique to us. It’s what Steelcase calls a ‘spine print’. But unlike a fingerprint it is unfixed and changes during the day. In turn, different parts of the back need different levels of support at different times.

A particular strength of the Please chair is that it doesn’t insist we adopt a specific position but understands that during any working day we wriggle, shift, squirm, scrunch and stretch. Please sympathetically mimics the movements in the user’s spine, providing support whatever their twists and turns.

The chair’s patented LTC2 synchronised tilting mechanism features two separate backrests. The lumbar and thoracic sections are connected but function discretely – just like the upper and lower areas of the spine. The chair adapts itself to the morphology of every user providing a unique backrest support which allows for more freedom of movement. Both of these backrests have independent controls.


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