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27 February 2022
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27 February 2022

The future is hybrid – PALMBERG intelligence series

Even if hybrid working does not become the future, or is unattainable for every organisation, perhaps the real lesson here is the need for hybrid thinking – a flexible and agile approach to office space that enables and activates all the same benefits and liberties of remote working, while acknowledging everyone’s needs are equally hybrid and diverse. And for these solutions, we need look no further than our own preferred WFH moments from the last 18 months – working in private or sheltered spaces or, conversely, in the heart of the action, natural and personally-controllable light and ventilation, onsite childcare, safer commutes, a sense of community through communal meals and a chance for all voices to be heard in group meetings. All that needs happen is for empowered employees to keep adding to this list and committed employers to act on it.

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