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30 December 2023
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How Smart Glass Brings Value to the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the most highly competitive business sectors in the world today. Therefore, businesses operating in this sector must take innovative measures to get an edge over the competition. After all, guests prefer to lodge and spend their vacation in locations that provide comfort and luxury.  Smart glass technology can be a gamechanger for a hospitality business; it brings a stunning transformation to the appearance and service offerings of hotels and vacation resorts. That is why the hospitality industry embraces smart glass technology faster than any other sector.


How Does Smart Glass Work?

Smart glass is one of the latest advancements in glazing technology that alters the glass panel’s light transmission property when an electrical current is applied. This feature allows the glass to change from a transparent state to an opaque/frosted state. This product is being used by businesses worldwide to create privacy windows, partitions, and skylights. Let’s take a look at the value that smart glass technology brings to the hospitality industry.


Stunning Appearance

Aesthetics is arguably the single most crucial factor that drives patronage to hospitality businesses around the world. That is why hotels and holiday resorts find innovative ways to create stunning aesthetics to attract customers. Smart glass can be used in several creative ways that enhance various locations in hotels and holiday resorts. Imagine how you would feel when you arrive at a hotel reception’s foyer with the enclosing structure made of smart glass. You inspect the rooms, and it’s all luxurious glass. You’ll definitely prefer such a place to others.


Enhance Hygiene

Another factor that attracts people to hospitality locations besides beauty is cleanliness. Nobody wants to stay in a dirty or shabby environment. Unfortunately, conventional doors and windows need curtains and blinds, which are notorious for accumulating dust, dirt, and stains. Even after washing, these items still look shabby compared to the prestigious appearance of smart glass. Installing smart glass in a hotel makes the use of curtains and blinds unnecessary. The windows and doors can simply be changed to a frosted state on-demand when the guest needs privacy.


Easy To Manage

The hospitality industry is continuously looking for innovative ways to manage the business more efficiently, and smart glass technology proves priceless in this respect. As an intelligent product, the smart glass can be integrated into the building management system to enhance centralised control.  For instance, the cleaning manager can automatically change all windows to a transparent state to brighten up the room while the cleaners work in the rooms and change it to a frosted state once they are done.  It can also be used to manage skylights and natural lighting in various locations within the premise.


Reduce Costs

Smart Glass technology allows hospitality businesses to make massive savings by reducing energy costs. Frosted smart glass also prevents direct sun glares without blocking out natural daylight. During hot weather conditions, the smart glass’s frosted state reduces the influx of light and heat into the building, minimising its heat load.  This means that hotels and vacation resorts can install smaller HVAC units, reducing capital expenditure and ongoing energy consumption.

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