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Danielle Brustman creates yellow highlights in sunny Melbourne hair salon


Mitch Studio hair salon by Danielle Brustman

Yellow-tinted glass partitions and droplet-shaped mirrors give a unique personality to Australian hair salon Mitch Studio, renovated by interior designer Danielle Brustman.

Mitch Studio is located in a double-storey 1950s building in the Melbourne suburb of Ashburton, in a shopfront that had already operated as a hairdressers for a number of years.

Yellow tinted glass partitions separate hair cutting stations at a hair salon, with pale timber chairs and teardrop-shaped mirrors in each station
Danielle Brustman wanted to use Mitch Studio’s brand colour, yellow, in the interior design

Brustman’s client wanted to update the space to reflect their brand, which uses yellow as its signature colour. The designer set out to give the space a fresh and modern feel while using the sunny hue as a key part of the colour palette.

The designer started by gutting the space entirely, leaving only the original concrete floor, which has been polished to achieve its final look.

Reception area of Mitch Studio salon in Melbourne, with white-tiled custom-built retail display shelf and six-globe white chandelier by Entler
The reception area includes a custom-built retail display shelf and a six-globe chandelier by Entler

She reconfigured the layout across two floors: on the ground floor is the reception and waiting area along with hair washing and cutting stations – the latter separated with the distinctive yellow glass partitions.

The partitions create privacy and personal space while also, Brustman points out, proving useful when social distancing is required.

Hair washing stations with timber shelving at Mitch Studio hair salon
The ground floor area includes hair washing and cutting stations

The droplet-shaped mirrors at these stations were chosen to give the salon a bespoke touch, while referencing ideas of water and washing.

“There is something lovely about the way the droplet mirrors create an infinity effect in the space, adding to the spaciousness,” Brustman told Dezeen.

White-tiled built-in display shelf with decorative objects beside hair washing stations at Mitch Studio hairdressers
The space is designed to facilitate an easy flow of movement for the stylists throughout the day

All the joinery on the ground floor is bespoke, including a reception desk clad in mustard-yellow glass mosaic tiles and a retail display shelf with similar white tiles.

Most of the surfaces and finishes are in white, as is the sculptural six-arm chandelier by US design studio Entler.

Upstairs, there are additional haircutting stations along with bathrooms, a kitchen and a small worktable – meant for customers who want to pull out their laptops while waiting for their hair treatments to take effect.

The haircutting stations here have a different configuration, facing each other but divided by mirrors. Completed with pale moulded plywood chairs, they give the space an almost cafe-like appearance.

Upstairs area with hair cutting stations and a worktable at Mitch Studio hair salon in Melbourne
The upstairs haircutting stations have a different configuration

“We wanted to keep the spaces light and airy with a great deal of airflow and enough room for the clients and staff to feel spacious and comfortable in their surrounds,” Brustman said.

She also paid attention to the employees’ workflow and aimed to design the space to be intuitive and relaxing for them. For instance, there are hair-recycling bins integrated into the joinery, so that stylists can dispose of waste on the spot.

Timber worktable surrounded by four lilac chairs by the window at Mitch salon Melbourne
There is also a worktable that customers can use while they wait for their hair dye to take

Brustman is a Melbourne-based interior designer whose previous work has included the Brighton Street Early Learning Centre – a childcare centre with a different bright colour palette in every room.

The photography is by Nicole England.

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