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The rise and fall of consumerist architecture: ten modern mega-malls | News | Architonic


The shopping mall was an icon of the late 20th-century retail environment. As more consumers took up driving, inadequate city infrastructure meant the surrounding roads couldn’t cope and the out-of-town mall was born.

Nowadays, these multi-functional complexes are entire cultural experiences, where consumers can not only get what they want easily, but make a day of it. As the small town retail landscape diminished, however, consumers became constricted on choice. The idea of popping to the shops and back within the hour became a tale for grandparents to reminisce over to a disbelieving grandchild. Shopping trips now require expedition-standard planning, packing and perseverance, so it’s little wonder the online marketplace has found it so easy to similarly usurp the physical mall. In their efforts to turn the tide, however, modern malls are doubling down on what they do best. Size and experience. <b>Size</b> The ten-storey <a href="https://www.architonic.com/en/project/kpf-k11-musea…


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