31 October 2023

the architecture and design stories we loved this month

[ad_1] This project in Prague, Czech Republic, was personal to owner Tereza Porybná: ‘Within the design of Ovenecká 33, we experimented with different stylistic elements and […]
4 November 2023

Meet the Designers Giving Med Spas a Much-Needed Glow-Up

[ad_1] It might feel like a certain tension is built into the category of “medical spas.” Offices that blend offerings of both health care and aesthetician […]
4 November 2023

Unveiling the Soul of Japandi-Style Paint Colors

[ad_1] If you’re on a quest for a home that gently exudes an aura of pure harmony, Japandi style might just be the answer you’ve been […]
4 November 2023

Window Blinds Types – Explore Different Modern Options

[ad_1] Another benefit of blinds is their ability to provide privacy. Whether you live in a busy city center or a quiet suburban street, you may […]