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5 April 2022
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5 April 2022

You Can Return That Dead Plant to Home Depot

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That houseplant you forgot to water might not be able to return from the dead, but here’s a consolation: you can at least have it returned for a refund. As it turns out, Home Depot has a generous policy that allows you to return expired greenery for up to a full year, as long as you save the receipt.

To be more specific, the policy states that flower bushes, succulents, and houseplants, qualify for a return within 90 days of delivery date or date of purchase in-store. As for perennials, trees, tropical plants, and shrubs, the return period lasts up to a year.

A couple more details you need to remember before taking your dead plant back to the store. First, floral arrangements and cut flowers are not included in the policy. Second, you can get a refund if you’re within the 90-day deadline; but beyond that until a year has elapsed, you can qualify for a replacement or store credit.

There are other customer-friendly policies, too. For instance, if you bought plants online and it’s damaged or dead by the time it reaches you, you can have it replaced within three days of delivery at no extra charge. For seasonal items such as real and artificial Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands, the store also accepts returns within 90 days.

And for the unlucky urban farmer? Home Depot has a Grow A Garden Guarantee wherein you are entitled to a full refund if your Bonnie plant used with Miracle-Gro soil does not produce a harvest between March and October.

A generous policy, indeed. However, for the plants’ sake, let’s not become a regular at Home Depot’s returns section, shall we?

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