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5 April 2022
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5 April 2022

Miami Has Retrofitted These 8 Architectural Marvels

Forever playful and timeless, Miami is renowned for its wealth of historic architecture. Iconic due to its vast collection of Art Deco buildings—Miami boasts 800 structures in this style—the Magic City serves up a vibrant collection of structures, ranging from Mediterranean Revival to Spanish Renaissance to Miami Modern. And thought it’s nostalgic to experience these 20th-century classics restored in their architectural glory, the city has been known to have a flair for the new, placing itself on the cutting edge of design. With a huge influx of tourists and new residents, this city is undergoing a resurgence across its diverse and energetic neighborhoods. And it’s doing it all while opening new spaces within the envelope of old architectural gems. It’s a fabulous way to preserve local history while celebrating new ideas. Below, AD surveys eight iconic buildings throughout the city that have been renovated to showcase their historic value through a 21st-century lens.

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