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What is Sustainable Office Design?


Talent attraction 

Reports show that 40% of Millennials have taken jobs based on an organisation’s sustainability values and 75% of Millennials would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that focused on sustainability. These figures show that workers are placing immense value on sustainability and want to work in sustainable office buildings. Businesses are using their workplaces as part of their CSR goals to help demonstrate their commitment to being sustainable which is helping them attract the best young talent.

Meeting ESG goals 

Businesses are now placing more value on buildings and office space that come with sustainability credentials. Every business will have their own ESG goals and creating an ESG-friendly office will not only provide employees with a best-in-class environment, but it will also help contribute to environmental commitments.

For companies looking to move into these high-quality properties, their office space will also need to align with the building’s credentials and accreditations. This may mean that low carbon impact materials are preferred, and energy-efficient light and heating solutions will help contribute towards net zero goals and staff wellbeing.

Reducing operational costs 

An important principle of sustainable office design is assessing where you can reuse elements of your office instead of purchasing new ones. Boardroom tables and chairs are commonly reused in office design provided they are still in full working order. Reusing furniture is a cost-effective solution which allows businesses to invest their budget into other areas of their office and reduce waste. LED lighting and PIRs are also frequently used in office space to help make the lighting solution more energy efficient.

Modern buildings now incorporate solar panels and rainwater collection services as part of making the property more sustainable and energy efficient. Using these renewable resources as part of the property is also helping tenants reduce their operational costs.


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