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This TikTok Hack Uses a BILLY Bookcase To Organize a Messy Closet


Canada-based content creator Heather Barnes posted a TikTok hack that shows how to turn a BILLY bookcase into a custom closet. It’s a straightforward project if you’re used to doing DIYs, not to mention it’s budget-friendly — the entire project cost under $200 (basic systems for a small reach-in closet like this can cost $1,000 or more).

Here’s how Barnes did it: first, she emptied out her closet before giving the walls two coats of paint to make it look bright and fresh. Then, she moved in the bookshelf and secured it to the floor. Afterward, she reinstalled the original top shelf and wooden rod, which she had cut in half so it could fit with the bookcase. For a more custom look, she also spray-painted the shelf handles black. And finally, for the finishing touches, she brought in baskets for additional storage and even houseplants to make the space more charming. 

The result is a custom closet with a Scandi aesthetic and a range of storage options. 

Although, impressed as they were, some of Barnes’ followers had minor concerns with the hack. A commenter joked, “But I have wayyyy more clothes than that LOL.” Another added, “Looks great, but don’t the plants die in the closet?”

Barnes replied that the look was stylized, and on Instagram Stories she posted an update, one with the houseplants removed and more clothes stuffed inside. Nonetheless, the revamp still looks neater and more spacious than before.

You can check out Barnes’ full step-by-step tutorial on her Instagram Highlights, while you can see her other DIY projects and home décor ideas on TikTok.


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