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23 March 2023
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The best sustainable office furniture from Vepa


Love your workspace have been working with Vepa (formerly Nomique) for a long time, and admire their focus of bringing sustainable furniture to the market.

Part of the Fair Furniture Group since 2019, they are a key innovator of ergonomic and circular furniture solutions.

Here we take a look at our favourite pieces; from tables and chairs to bar stools and acoustic booths. There’s something for everyone!

Felt range

The Felt range is a group of funiture made from of 100% post-consumer PET felt. It includes a stackable side chair with metal frame, meeting chairs and stools. The newest addition is Felt Tub, a play on the shape (and peace and quiet) you get in the bath!

All comfortable and available in a range of colours, this range is incredibly versatile.

Loft table

Made from 100% recyclable raw materials, the Loft is a sleek and stylish table. It is completely circular in design; manufactured with residual materials used in other products. The version with wooden legs is made using waste materials from the production of plywood table tops. A simple process and construction means the table is easily recyclable too.

Also available with surface mounted screens and electrical sockets if required.

sustainable furniture vepa

Hemp range

This range embodies sustainability. Made using residual waste matter from hemp processing, the fibres are removed and combed to create a ‘mat’. The chair shape then gets pressed into the material and bound with a plant based binding agent. Aside from being rather beautiful, the benefits of using Hemp are many. Grown without fertiliser, pesticides and without the need for much water, more CO2 is absorbed than is emitted.

The range has a side chair, low stool and high stool version available.

Whale table

The inspiration for this boardroom table is a surfacing whale, with its elegant, streamlined shape. The legs are made from obust PEFC™ oak and the shape modelled on a whales skeleton. The table top has layers of both PET felt and foam – made from recycled plastic bottles. The 8 person boardroom table uses 1004 bottles and the 12 person table contains 1305 bottles!

A perfect and distinctive piece to elevate your boardroom to the next level.

Blue Finn chair

Blue Finn is made using at least 85% recycled medical blue wrap, making this chair highly functional and sustainable! Every year thousands of kilos of plastic wrap are thrown away. To avoid this waste, Vepa and their partners wanted to come up with a solution. Hello Blue Finn!

Available in a chair with or without arms, or a mid or high stool. The chair is stackable for easy maneuverability and storage. The products are 100% recyclable too.

blue finn chair sustainable furniture vepa


If you’d like advice on making sustainable choices for your office, please send us a message or give us a call on 0330 332 0880 to see how we can help.



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