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23 March 2023
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23 March 2023

JANUA: 'The best team in the world' | News | Architonic


Christian Seisenberger grew up playing in his father’s workshop. So it’s no surprise that he fell in love with wood at his parents’ cabinetmaking firm and realised he was destined to be a craftsman. Looking back, he sees his cabinetmaking apprenticeship as the most important training he ever did. That was where he learned how to build furniture. After business training and a course at the Akademie für Gestaltung in Munich, the 20-year-old Christian felt ready to go his own way.  And so, driven by the vision of making simple, timeless furniture that would nevertheless stand out on account of its stunning workmanship and appearance, he set out into the world. Christian Seisenberger: I was young and full of drive, and I couldn’t wait to implement my own ideas in a company. My determination and fascination with furniture were the best qualifications I could have had for getting something successful off the ground. Armed with my own collection, I went to the TrendSet trade fair in Munich, a…


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