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Richard Lampert and the Eiermann table frame celebrate anniversaries


One such contemporary classic is the Eiermann table frame. The construction, reduced to a minimum, is a design by Egon Eiermann from 1953. Eiermann, one of the most important German architects of the 20th century, originally designed it just for himself, but due to its ingenious design, which combines functionality and aesthetics, the table frame soon came to enjoy great popularity among his students, so that a small series was produced and the entire Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences ended up being equipped with it. At the end of the 1990s, Richard Lampert was granted sole manufacturing rights by the Eiermann family and the original design, which had not been produced for decades, was added to the collection under the name ‘Eiermann 1 Table Frame’. In the meantime, the design has reached its 70th birthday, has become internationally popular and is now considered a design icon.


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