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4 March 2022
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Inside Nabela Noor’s Light and Bright Pennsylvania Home | Architectural Digest


Nabela took design inspiration from her #PocketsofPeace series on TikTok.

When the influencer, entrepreneur, and author Nabela Noor found out she was expecting a baby, her first order of business was to change up her Pennsylvania home. “I just wanted to create a space that felt like a safe haven for my husband and myself,” Nabela says. “And it is. It is our little oasis, and we can’t wait for our baby girl’s footprints to make our dream home that much more of a dream come true.”

First and foremost, Nabela wanted to transform her home’s dark color palette with brightness and lightness. She looked to the work of her friend Leanne Ford—who is also an advocate for clean, bright spaces and a mom of a toddler—for inspiration. “I believe that our house will continue to evolve as our family grows,” Nabela says. “Right now, everything is neutral, bright, and light in our home. This may or may not [work] as our daughter grows up. But my husband and I are excited to adapt and transform the home if and when needed.”

BEFORE: There was lots of empty space upstairs, and Nabela thought the area needed something extra.

AFTER: Nabela DIY’d her arched bookcases using IKEA shelves. The chair is from Target and the pillow is from her own home brand, Saara & Begum.


Her other point of reference? Her own #PocketsofPeace series on TikTok, in which she encourages her followers to find joy in small everyday moments during challenging times. “I am inspired by the idea of pursuing peace and tranquility in home design, the same way I focus on finding pockets of peace through my series,” she explains.

Nabela started with the unused space in the upstairs hallway and set to work on DIY’ing it. “I found inspiration from a @MyGrandparentsChair DIY project where she took IKEA shelves and turned them into beautiful arched shelves,” she says. “I made some changes to match my home’s aesthetic and got to work. I love how this once-bland, empty hallway now feels like a cozy nook for reading and leads you right to our daughter’s nursery.”

BEFORE: The kitchen felt closed in and smaller than it is with its dark tones and out-of-date finishings.

AFTER: The kitchen is perhaps one of the brightest spaces in Nabela’s home, and she removed any traces of the formerly dark color palette.

AFTER: Brass and light wood accents pop among the white Café Appliances.

Next, she went to the kitchen, with the goal in mind of making it feel more open, relaxing, and inviting. “Because cooking has become a form of therapy for me, I wanted the kitchen to have a relaxing essence to it. We added gorgeous white ceramic tile that resembles materials and finishes you’d find in a spa. We also integrated bold brass fixtures and lots of light to brighten the space, and added sconces above the bar area to make it feel more grounded.” The deep brown tones that used to be there? All gone.

BEFORE: The bathroom was in need of a revamp, and Nabela put the focus on bright and light white surfaces.

AFTER: “I love light colors and cozy textures, and like to infuse neutral tones and wooden materials throughout my home,” Nabela says. The mirrors are from Lulu & Georgia.

When it came to the primary bathroom, Nabela and her husband opted for a full renovation that included updated flooring, new marble and tile in the shower, and a fresh pop of pattern by way of a vintage rug. “It’s a gorgeous space that feels so welcoming every morning,” she says. For the decor selections, Nabela looked to “South Asian textiles and materials and French design details,” she explains.


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