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Quick Morning Task for Home Organization


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How do you spend your mornings? Is it rushing around getting ready for work? Making breakfast for you or your family? Walking the dog? If it isn’t one of the two quick tasks below, you might consider adding on to your morning routine. Every year Apartment Therapy tours the homes of inspiring professional organizers, and this year I asked them to share their organizing wisdom, too. Below, these organizing experts revealed the task they tackle each morning. The best news? Both answers are easy, fast things you can add to your own morning routine. Spending a little time on these two spots in your home at the start of your day might just make your whole home feel a little more organized!

“The organizing routine I do in the morning that helps our home stay more organized is make sure the dishwasher is unpacked and ready for the dirty dishes of the day,” says Michele Vig, the founder and Chief Organizer at Neat Little Nest, who lives in this tidy Minnesota home.

Caroline Solomon, owner of organizing company Caroline Solomon Home and whose tidy New York apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy recently, makes sure her morning feels organized by doing dishes the night before so she can tackle the task of unloading first thing. “I run the dishwasher overnight and take dishes out first thing in the morning so I don’t have to do it later (I’m not a fan of removing dishes, so the sooner I get it out of the way, the better!).”

“I’m a stickler for making the bed as soon as I wake up because it sets the tone for my day and makes me feel like I am winning at life. I also do my best to knock out breakfast dishes, wipe counters, etc. before diving into my work day,” says Organizing expert and author Shira Gill (whose home Apartment Therapy toured).

Caroline Solomon also considers the bed a spot to start on in the morning. “The absolute first thing I do in the morning is make the bed. I basically make the bed while I’m still waking up! This sends a powerful message that you’re showing up for yourself and your home. When tidying is your first morning activity, you’ll be more likely to keep the rest of your home tidy throughout the day.”

Starting the year off by touring the homes (and drawers, pantries, closets, and more behind-the-scenes spots) of professional organizers, small space dwellers, and other design experts has become a tradition on Apartment Therapy. After all, how your home functions is just as important as how it looks, and I personally never tire of seeing how the pros organize their spaces. You can find great home tours and even greater organizing advice from this year’s fresh crop of inspiration (and catch up on last year’s tours) all on this one page: Professional Organizer Home Advice.

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