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26 August 2023
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How technology is revolutionising construction

Technology is not only helping with the digital transformation of the construction industry, it is also closely linked to improving sustainability and moving towards digital-first processes. This shift is bringing innovative solutions to an industry that is renowned as being a sector that is slow to adapt to change.

Other significant changes towards cloud-based storage are also improving flexibility and accessibility to information on projects and reducing the requirement for mass printing documents. Reality capture technology can lead to better communication and stakeholder engagement with VR walkthroughs and access to real-time updates.

With access to new technology becoming more straightforward, it is enabling construction companies to adopt digital-first strategies to revolutionise their robust processes and methods. From stakeholder engagement to ensuring plans are accurate, there are huge opportunities for reality capture technology to shape a more advanced future for construction.

As the digital transformation of the construction industry continues, these technologies will help to improve processes and change the way we design commercial space. These are the types of solutions that will help drive design and build and construction forward.


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