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25 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas That Are Undeniably Charming


When you think of the “heart of the home,” the space that comes to mind is likely of the idyllic farmhouse kitchen variety (think classic wood floors, lovely painted cabinets and paneled walls, a verdant view, and, of course, exposed ceiling beams). Cozy design details like these make for a warm, welcoming space where you—and your guests—can spend endless hours. Read on to see kitchens from AD–featured homes that feature a variety of charming farmhouse-style accents to great effect. But be warned: If you don’t live there already, you will quickly begin debating a move to the country (or at least a rustic revamp of your city apartment).

What makes a kitchen a farmhouse kitchen?

Generally farmhouse kitchens employ more wood than typical kitchens. Think natural wood beams on the ceiling (whether original to the building or not), shiplap wall paneling, reclaimed wood tables as islands (rather than marble or stone ones), along with other wood accents. Farmhouse-style kitchen decor is also usually sprinkled in, in the form of rustic vases, decorative antique milk cans, and unfussy linens. Overall, farmhouse style tends to put functionality first, but without sacrificing personality.

What kind of countertops are farmhouse style?

Plenty of different countertop types can blend right into farmhouse style, but wood countertops seem to be the most popular among farmhouse kitchens. Dark wood is particularly great in that any scuffs or stains are less obvious, but light wood is a wonderful choice if you’re hoping for a space that’s bright and airy. If you do go for stone countertop, try a neutral tone rather than a dramatic and bright marble.

What is the difference between farmhouse and country decor?

Where country decor skews shabby chic, farmhouse kitchen decor is merely unfussy. Instead of intentionally distressed accents, farmhouse details tend to be deliberately utilitarian, but still cutesy, in a midcentury homestead way. Especially in the age of modern farmhouse mania, farmhouse decor is thought to be much less in your face than country decor, the latter of which often involves kitschy plaques and retro trinkets.


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