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How Much Office Space Do I Need


Should you consider growth plans?

When you are initially deciding on what the right amount of office for your business is, you should be planning for now but also for the future. Moving to a new office may bring new operational or strategic goals to your organisation and looking at things on a mid to long-term basis make help save money or prevent another move in the future.

Depending on your plans for growth, it may be an option to take an office that is larger than you need with a view to ‘right-sizing’ in the future. This means that you can secure a property that you like and look to grow into it when you’re ready. You can also contract or expand as you need it which gives you far more control over your workplace.

Taking extra space may seem like an easy way to overspend on your office but while you are not using the space, it doesn’t need to remain unoccupied. Companies that take on more space than they need can sublet their extra space and charge rent to another company that occupies the space on a short-term lease. This is a good way of covering the rental costs until you are ready to take the space back on.


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