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14 April 2022
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Fun Cheeky Butt Home Decor


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Boob motifs were all the rage back in 2018 and Jonathan Adler has been doing nude-inspired ceramics for more than a decade, so it is not a complete surprise that the next frontier is butts. While it may be tempting blame this trend of butt-shaped decor on celebs with celebrated curves, like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, buying quirky and humorous home items is a timeless pastime (or simply a clever and ever-so-subtle way to tell the world to kiss your derriere). 

No matter why you’ve chosen to adorn a dresser or a bookshelf with a booty, here are eight of our current favorite options. 

Swap your green thumbs for green bums with this walnut brown butt planter from Overstock. You can really make a statement by planting a spiky cactus, which is practically the last thing you want near such a sensitive area. 

East Urban Home Butts Wrapped Canvas Drawing Print

The beauty of buns is that they come in all shapes and sizes. This comical but tasteful sketch is perfect for a bathroom where all butts are accepted with open arms — err — toilet seats. 

A butt to be appreciated from every angle, this simple white vase is quintessential Jonathan Adler: Eccentric, bold, but restrained enough to be enjoyed in every type of living space. And made with only the highest quality of unglazed matte porcelain, of course. 

Geode Booty Pencil Holder

This fancy fanny is so much more than a holder for pencils. Use it for makeup brushes, jewelry, sunglasses, or even hemorrhoid cream, if you want to go full meta. 

Hope Your Day Is as Nice as Your Butt Wall Plaque Art

Unsurprisingly, this plaque is “proudly made in the USA,” because if there are two things Americans love most, it’s compliments and any excuse for a laugh. 

Sainté.co Mini Selene Shaped Candle

Worry not, prospective buyers. These keister candles are appropriately unscented, though we kind of wish they took on popular spa smells like lavender and eucalyptus to throw guests off a little. 

Frankly, I’m just a big fan of the terrazzo black material that brings an extra level of class to this small ass. It’s eye-catching enough to stand on its own, so use it to fill an empty space on a bookshelf or kitchen counter. 

Ironically, it’s likely the coffee in this oversized mug that will activate the use of your own butt in the a.m. When not in the sink or dishwasher, display this (or a set) in a glass cupboard to replace the boring ones you’ve been holding onto for far too long. 


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