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“Friends” Fans Will Love This Themed Texas Townhouse


There are many ways that “Friends” fans can get a daily dose of their favorite sitcom, whether it’s embracing your inner chef Monica Geller and cooking a delicious recipe from the official “Friends” cookbook, burning a Central Perk-scented candle, or planning a getaway on a “Friends”-inspired cruise. And now, super fans of the show can take it one step further by owning your very own “Friends”-themed home in the heart of Houston.

Gaining traction thanks to the ever-popular Zillow Gone Wild Instagram account, the two-bedroom home is one to see to be believed. From the outside, everything looks like your regular suburban townhome, but once you step inside, you’ll soon discover it’s “Friends” lover’s paradise that will make you feel like you’re quite literally in the middle of the show.

Built in 2003 and currently on the market for $330,000, the 1,400 square-foot home has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, two attached garage spaces, and a spacious balcony area. Throughout the home, murals reminiscent of some of the most memorable scenes pay homage to the long-running series, while fun accessories like a foosball table will delight and entertain fans and non-fans alike.

The kitchen has been designed to double Monica Geller’s own kitchen in her Greenwich Village apartment, featuring blue cabinets, open shelving, and of course, lots of purple. The attention to detail is immaculate, right down to the matching floral curtains and the yellow peephole frame. The breakfast bar will allow you to enjoy a meal in front of the iconic opening credits fountain—complete with artificial grass to really give it that “outdoors in” feel—while the lounge area has been designed as a replica of the gang’s favorite hangout spot: Central Perk.

On the staircase, there’s a Ross Geller mural that’s sure to have you re-enacting the famous “Pivot!” scene that saw Ross, Chandler, and Rachel attempting to manoeuvre a couch up the stairs in their apartment building during a season five episode.

Will the adobe definitely falls into the love-it-or-hate-it category, it has certainly been a talking point on social media, with fans taking to the comments to express their thoughts on the eye-catching home.

“That living room is just one of the perks of living there,” wrote one person, while another said: “Could I BE anymore ready to live there?!”

If you’re looking for a new place to call home and are keen to live out your “Friends” dreams with your own pals, tours are available now.


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