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30 December 2023
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1 January 2024

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The wooden boardwalk structure is carefully designed as a response to the curvature of the mountain, sometimes following the mountain’s ridges and slopes, and sometimes bending out, creating viewpoints and dramatic drops where visitors can feel the wind in the treetops. The walking trail, universally designed with a gentle incline, is suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs and wheelchairs. It grew out out of a heartfelt desire to give all people, regardless of physical abilities, the sensational feeling of walking amongst the treetops. ‘With a simple yet remarkable design, this recreational walkway beckons me to experience it. Built with organic curves using local timber and traditional craftsmanship techniques, its design seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings. Surrounded by tree trunks, the walkway's curves and slopes create a peaceful and unique experience. Furthermore, the design engages with two distinct perspectives: one for those walking through and another…


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