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18 December 2023
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19 December 2023

Editor's Letter – December 2023 | News | Architonic


<p>I’m writing this in early December. Is it too premature to look back at 2023? There’s still three weeks to go. Everything to play for, right? If there’s one thing I learned from those pandemic times we were all forced to endure, it’s to try to live more mindfully in the moment. To enjoy the nowness of the now. To be honest, that’s all we really have.</p> <p>Living more consciously in the here and now doesn’t mean, however, that we should give up on planning for a better world. As news reports and interviews from the COP28 climate-change conference in Dubai play out on our screens, I’m reminded of the mission that Architonic shares with its sister platforms <a href="" target="_blank">Designboom</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">ArchDaily</a>: to inspire, connect and empower. The macro challenges we’re facing are never going to be achieved without a commitment to collaboration and we’re proud at DAAily platforms – as the world’s la…


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