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Clean and green technology from Villeroy & Boch


Do uncompromising hygiene and serious sustainability contradict each other? Does one involve crossing ecological red lines and the other neglect self-evident standards of cleanliness? Not if you do it right.

Granted: there are nicer things to do than clean the bathroom. But most people are prepared to sacrifice time for it. After all, the bathroom is a place where well-being and cleanliness play the main roles, without any ifs, ands or buts. However, in order to optimise bathroom users’ time in favour of ‘pure’ pleasure, German sanitary ceramics manufacturer Villeroy & Boch has invested a great deal of expertise and research in its products – all in the spirit of a sustainable cleaning strategy. With materials such as high-quality sanitary ceramics, acrylic, or QuaryI® that you simply rinse with cold water, and with practical anti-fingerprint surfaces, easy-care ceramic finishes and efficient rinsing technology, the bottom line is that there is more time for relaxing than repolishing.


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