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27 February 2022
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27 February 2022

Six of the best adaptive reuse projects that upcycle their space


While living in and renovating the tower, the cousins both started families of their own, and soon decided to segregate the tower’s six levels into two double-story, family-sized home units, with a double-height garden room at ground level.

No matter what changes have been made to the interior layout of the building, however, the unique feature of a water tower is, of course, its height and views. The Nieuw-Lekkerland water tower, however, stands above other similar restorations with the careful placement of full-storey-height windows in subtle balance to the original diamond windows. The additional viewing portals are positioned on alternating edges of the building’s hexagonal facade, meaning as you travel from one floor to the next, you’re treated to a different view of the local landscape.


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