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25 February 2022
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Anything but coincidence – Christine Kröncke Interior Design | News | Architonic


The fact that the world can be turned on its head – and within a very short space of time, too – has become all the more clear to us in the last year or two. But it is not only since the pandemic that the rate of change has reached such levels. Anyone aiming to keep their head and, above all, style in the face of ever-fluctuating trends needs unwavering principles, a selective feel and, moreover, good taste. It’s reassuring to know that there are still people and brands out there that remain calmly aware of the race of time, without letting it throw them off their game – like <a href="">Christine Kröncke Interior Design</a>, which has been one of the top names in reliable style for almost five decades. Since 1974, the company with its own showroom in Munich’s Ludwigpalais has been a go-to partner for exclusive home furnishings that confidently and unmistakably express the personality of each individual customer. Far from…


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